Sunday, February 19, 2017

WEEK 98---SIGNS you are IN TOO DEEP....

in whatever phase of life--we get obsessed/hooked with all kinds of desirable/undesirable things--diving into the black hole of craft beer/craft mead can have the same effect...
here's a few signs of definitely getting in too deep:-
啤迷从最初懵懵懂懂接触CRAFT BEER到逐步掉进黑洞,走向入魔之路,其实都有迹可循,比如以下几个(当然还有更多其他):-
1) more than 50% of your social media post is all about CRAFT
unless you don't like the idea of social media--it's quite a natural process to see most social media post from those who indulge in the world of craft revolving around craft beer/mead, be it a pic of bottle with glass and some tasting note or a shared post about craft--in fact, a lot of your googling would likely be about finding out certain info about a certain beer/mead/beer style/brewing info/ trade info and such... 
1)超过50%的社交媒体Post/网络搜寻都是Craft 相关
无论是FB/ INSTA/ Tweeter等社交媒体,无论是"你在想什么"PO图文或是转发图文,占大多数的都是跟啤酒\蜜酒相关话题。同样的,在网络上无论是搜寻资料或是跟其他人聊得最多的,也是跟啤酒或蜜酒相关。
2) your new acquaintances are mainly from craft community
It might be mostly from social media--or actual "real people" that you meet in person at bar/craft events--i.e strangers in "real ife' becoming acquaintances- tasting group buddies- even real good friends--all because of shared values of craft culture.
2)认识新朋友绝大多数来自Craft 社区
Craft 社区当然只是个概念,指的是喜爱Craft级别啤酒或蜜酒,相信,参与,或自发推广Craft文化的人们。
3) travelling has a new name now
gone are the days when you just travel for the sake or travelling or "get away"--most travelling now would be as closely related to craft events as possible--you plan your travelling around beer fest- or to visit a few bars/breweries, even for new release of particular beer --those days of just wondering around or go photo snap at tourists attractions has more or less regarded as "non-essentials".
Even on days when you travel on company expenses for work--no matter how--trying to seek out craft beer places would always be on "MUST do list".
4) comparatively- you are tasting MORE but drinking LESS
those living in ASIA would probably have a better understanding of how this is happening--that comparing to the initial period when one started to indulge in the world of craft--the drinking volume was bigger or much bigger than say 3 or 4 years later when one's palate is more developed and quest for varieties/urge for tasting rather than keep drinking in quantity of the same old same old takes over. It's natural geeks would drink much lesser in volume gradually--and would move on to the phase of bottle sharing--tasting--essentially tasting MORE but drinking LESS.
4) 跟以前不认识Craft或最初喝Craft相比来说,喝的量少了
5) tasting group is a natural progression
with not 1 single city in ASIA(though personally i do think there's at least 1 bar which can live up to the demand) able to fulfill the demand for awesome varieties like those available in Europe/US- it's a natural progression geeks who seek to buy/beer mail/trade with those having access to beers/mead not available here --and the reality is when you "import" own beer/mead--you are paying foreign currency( if you are earning in Malaysia Ringgit- and need to pay USD--eat this- Ringgit to USD went from 3.3 : 1usd to now 4.5 for 1usd)--you need to pay logistic cost--then depending which ASIA city you live in--you might need to pay some silly taxes too.
ADD all those in--it's needless to say the beer mail is COSTLY.
At this stage--it's normal most geeks would have a few tasting group buddies that meet regularly/off and on -- either for cost sharing bottle share or "bring your best bottles" tasting sessions. After all- craft is more fun when you share... 
6)you know WHEN "a beer is just a beer"--and WHEN "a beer is definitely not just a beer"
sounds confusing?
it's quite simple--we all love craft beer/mead for it's varieties, for choices available--so when someone ignorance or uninitiated think or says BEER(as in big factory commercial lager) is what craftbeer is--that's obviously NOT TRUE--BEER is certainly not just beer.
BUT--the varieties of craft beer/mead world can be confusing at times too--that because of curiosity of geeks over some highly hyped beer/mead--people are willing to succumb to the theory of "rare is good"/"rare is gold" and pay silly prices for a particular bottle to the tune of few hundreds/over 1K USD.
This is the time we take a back seat and says "hey-it's only beer".  
然而,在不同类别繁多的Craft Beer世界中,最基本的经济原理"物以稀为贵"还是通用的,意思是,一些啤酒因为实在很厉害,产量很少,加上被啤迷追捧,造成有人因利炒卖有人无论怎样都要满足好奇心喝到,导致出现离谱的高价黑市买卖。

Monday, February 6, 2017


This is the year of Rooster according to Chinese Lunar Calendar, and here's a few rooster related Chinese sayings applicable to beer:-
Craft Beer最吸引之处是不同类别啤酒种类繁多,这是有时候让很多新朋友困惑的事情。
比如强调啤酒花功能的IPA, 先不说不同品牌,就是同一家酿坊,分分钟就有数十种以上同一品牌但不同风味IPA
原因很简单,啤酒花有很多不同风味特质,目前已知的不同风味啤酒花就超过百种,而酿造IPA除了可以不同啤酒花混合用(A+B, B+C+D, C+E+F+G, 反正是无限可能组合),还有玩单一啤酒花系列的,所以,一家酿坊单一品牌但无数多不同IPA是常见事。
There's always Flamingo among chickens
The best thing about the world of craft beer is Choices--that's almost the single biggest reason why so many of us willingly dive into the black hole of craft.
take the most popular IPA for examples--the choices of different variants from 1 single brewery/brand can be so many a newbie will have his/her mind mess up..:)
But we all also know Choices basically means comparison--that a particular beer/mead is somehow better tasting than some others or rest of the pack.
那么多不同类别风格,最后成品当然会有高低之分,CRAFT BEER 文化起源最根本的重点就是不想喝水准不佳啤酒,基本来说,CRAFT BEER 是比一般大厂啤酒好喝,不过,一旦是不同酿坊品牌之间的同类型啤酒有比较,就会有鹤立鸡群的情况出现,意思是,总会有几家的啤酒水准高过其他酿坊。
So how do one pick out a flamingo among chickens?
some people would say just refer to whichever highly rated ones in Ratebeer/Untappd --that's a sign of where Flamingo could be found.
some would say trust your own taste--and pick out your own flamingo...
The choice is yours to make.
Chicken & Duck Talk
It's quite obvious both are talking different lingo.
In Asia--almost anyone who has worked in a craft beer place would have encountered this scenario:-
someone/a few walk into the bar--look at the menu--and pop the question" you don't sell XX brand beer?"
obviously that XX brand beer would not be a craft beer.
CRAFT BEER 在亚洲很多城市都是小圈子玩意,虽然每个城市都会有一班人(可能是业者,更多时候是给钱喝酒的啤迷)尝试推广CRAFT文化,在大厂啤酒行销无处不在和速食文化包围市场情况下,只靠口碑,据点零零落落的CRAFT文化推动起来总是事倍功半。
这是完全不了解什么是CRAFT的一般啤酒饮客反应,很正常。照说,只要是有喝过啤酒的任何人就有可能成为CRAFT DRINKER,不过,很可惜,很多时候这些饮客因为不了解,不敞开胸怀眼界,也不听人介绍,结果是懵懵懂懂的,喝了几口或几杯後,从此不再喝CRAFT,错开了真正认识浩瀚啤海的机会。
It is the hope of any geeks to spread the love of craft--"converting" a commercial lager drinker to craft is seen as a natural act - BUT ( yes-there's always a but in life somehow)--it's also true that some are just too closed minded to open up to the idea of a whole new world of beer--there are those who would just act chicken and duck talking...
To those people--just leave them be--if they are happy just drinking loads of big factory beers--so be it.

There's many ways of making a Chicken delicious
Same for beer.--if you are into craft beer that is.
in the world of big factory beer--it's always only 1 chicken 1 taste( or no taste?)
CRAFT BEER玩的是各种想法创意,“一鸡几吃”很正常。
Enter the world of craft beer/craft mead--you will discover the various way of making a chicken taste differently delicious--OK--i meant to say how a beer can taste so differently delicious--just think how many different possibilities there is for a Stout to taste vastly different by adding food items and the small matter of barrel aging....
Actually you just have to IMAGINE for a few seconds--you should know which beer world to enter--1 chicken 1 taste? or 1 chicken multiple taste?