Sunday, February 23, 2014

getting "burned" the fun way....





这,或许就是CRAFT BEER好玩之处吧,试新瓶子的时候,你不很确定你会喝到什么。

I guess many new friends who goes into craft beer tasting/drinking kind of all do it because it's much more fun because the brewers can be crazy(or silly at times all the same....)

I don't eat lots of spicy food, max tolerance for "hotness" is chili padi... when this "crazy beer" was mentioned( in a "i want it" but "i'm kind of worried.." way) during recent visit to SG, I have no idea whatsoever what kind of "hotness" i'm going in for...( how hot can a beer be....?)

Well, it was "HOT" especially the first few burning hot...but after the initial "shock" i somehow found it fun, wondering what or who the hack instilled the idea of brewing such a hot beer,  when the brew master was having that thought, was he in US, MEXICO or ASIA....?

A burning hot beer for sure, and most probably best sharing with a friend or two.....but if you cant take hot at all, then go for something else...there's so many other interesting,tasty beers out there....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let the Americans be here in numbers....


最近很多人就在美国的圣地亚哥,洛杉矶拍起了长长的人龙,为的就是上面这杯TRIPLE IPA.

这现象,间接也说明了本地和美国(一个CRAFT BEER文化开始蔓延盛行的国家)之间的差距。

吉隆坡基本有不错的比利时啤酒,以及一些其他欧洲国家如丹麦,挪威,苏格兰的瓶子选择。不过,看看CRAFT BEER 文化很盛行,也有很多佳酿的美国,相较之下,我们在吉隆坡能喝到的美国啤酒还是少得可怜。


some of us would have heard of  the news where lots of people line up in the rain,cold weather in the states for hours and hours, some report says it's 8 hours, just to wait for the new release of Pilny the Younger, a triple IPA associated with the ever famous brewery, Russian River.

Well, lining up 8 hours in the rain, cold condition for a pint/glass of cold nice beer, not sure how many of us here would want to do that, but i guess that's partly the difference in craft beer culture that we are facing here in comparison? ( well,or is it not at all?).
Back to the craft beer scene in KL, as of now, what we have are mostly Belgium beers, as well as the more familiar names like Mikeller, Brewdog, To OL, Nogne from the other side of EU comparison( again), we are kind of really short on Americans craft brews....

Well, for sure the Americans do not own all the best beers in the world, but for sure they do have lots of nice beers, as well some of the nicest beers( using my imaginations here having tasted only so so few of the the American brews).

Just for examples, i would say i do not mind at all to have these :-

or say anything from these two:-

 or for that matter, anything from :-

or say maybe this one?
well, i guess most the logos here are at best labelled as " dream on", but it's ok, they say good things does happen to people who hope for it( coz someone will be doing in try to bring in..)

We do not mind at just come in to MALAYSIA, come in to South East Asia in a BIG way, let's play some ball game...dear Americans....