Sunday, February 23, 2014

getting "burned" the fun way....





这,或许就是CRAFT BEER好玩之处吧,试新瓶子的时候,你不很确定你会喝到什么。

I guess many new friends who goes into craft beer tasting/drinking kind of all do it because it's much more fun because the brewers can be crazy(or silly at times all the same....)

I don't eat lots of spicy food, max tolerance for "hotness" is chili padi... when this "crazy beer" was mentioned( in a "i want it" but "i'm kind of worried.." way) during recent visit to SG, I have no idea whatsoever what kind of "hotness" i'm going in for...( how hot can a beer be....?)

Well, it was "HOT" especially the first few burning hot...but after the initial "shock" i somehow found it fun, wondering what or who the hack instilled the idea of brewing such a hot beer,  when the brew master was having that thought, was he in US, MEXICO or ASIA....?

A burning hot beer for sure, and most probably best sharing with a friend or two.....but if you cant take hot at all, then go for something else...there's so many other interesting,tasty beers out there....

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