Friday, March 7, 2014

we just need a bit more push factor.....


听说了新加坡CRAFT BEER情况比这里活跃好些时候了,也知道隔岸的朋友比我们多瓶子选择。


三天走走看看,算不上对新加坡craft beer 情况有多了解,这之间,去了一家小型酿酒作坊看/帮酿酒师准备了千多加仑的IPA,算是对酒怎么酿有那么一点点看过。当然,最主要的还是逛逛人家卖瓶子卖ON TAPS的地方,喝喝聊聊。

三天以来尝味了不少啤酒,比较期待的是ROUGE的DOUBLE CHOCOLATE,因为一年多之前有幸在上海一家酒吧喝过ON TAPS的,当时口感印象深刻,一听到新加坡有瓶子卖就即刻要了。
这瓶DOUBLE CHOCOLATE 之外,三天在狮城喝过比较有印象的有EVIL TWINS的BISCOTTI BREAK,口感其实比期待的那瓶更浓郁。也喝了按照二十五年前原有方式酿的ROUGE 25 INTERGRITY ALE(口感觉得追不上现代舌头了)。。
也有口福尝了小口别人分享的瓶子, HIGHWAY 78 SCOTCH ALE 和 LAKEWOOD BOURBON BARRE TEMPTRESS。。都是属于有威士忌影响的黑啤。。可口。
IPA方面,个人还是偏向来自美国的两瓶,ALESMITH IPA和STONES IPA。哦,还有在一家专卖日本啤酒BAR喝到的志贺高原SHIGA1 KOGEN IPA。
当然,三天以来,尝味的不止这些提到的瓶子,还有好些来自不同国家的佳酿。可以肯定的是,我们或许可以大声说槟城小吃,吧生肉骨茶,或者NASI LEMAK比较好吃。。不过,现阶段说到CRAFT BEER,在选择方面我们还是落后了一些,要说到对CRAFT BEER有热情有投入的爱好者,从业者的话,新加坡还是多了一些。

还好,我们也不太差,只是需要更多喜欢CRAFT 的人们出现,作为纯粹消费者也好,尝试做点什么推广也好,又或是开店卖craft beer也好,这里,需要的就是更多人的参与,更多的推动力。。。
its only a few hour's drive to Spore from KL.

but somehow i have not been to the Lion city for quite a while despite knowing it's a more happening place as far as craft beer is concern.

and so the day came last month, it was more like a spontaneous trip.
the 3 days were spend largely from place to place, shop to shop, although the first day were more of a learning session where the guys from the pump room were kind enough to let us "participate" in brewing an IPA...(well...more like watch from the sideline, do a bit of hard labour, pour in the Wheat,Hops....its was certainly good fun)

and so the main activities were going around, meeting some people and drink lots of good beers....well, there were quite a bit consumed, of which some don't lingers on the main frame date base, others do still having a clear image in mind.... 
i was looking forward to drinking Rouge Double Chocolate when i heard there's bottle available since i last had it on taps many months ago in Shanghai. On the same night, I had the opportunity to try out Evil twin's Biscotti Break, which i would say is thicker and kind of tastier than the one I was expecting, as well Woodlake bourbon barrel Temptress...ending the night with a Stone IPA was indeed...!
other bottles tasted that still lingers on includes:-
milk porter from TO OL

a few sip shared by someone next table, tasty nice bottle though..
as well something nicely sour from this one:-

well, there's certainly more choices than meets the eyes over the other side of the causeway, and when it comes to people who are into craft beer, i would say there's most likely more over there than what we have here in KL.

while there is no way we would Not say our Penang/Malacca street food, Klang Bahkuteh, or even Nasi lemak is probably way better than what our friends have in S'pore, we have to somehow admit that we still need a lot more people getting involve with craft beer here in KL, be it just purely as drinker/s, or try to do something/ anything to help promote the craft beer culture, or even just open up a store/bar selling craft beers...then we could have a more vibrant than it is craft beer scene in KL....and that would be a nice scenario to have....for now....well....we are not very far behind, but we are....behind....:)

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