Saturday, April 26, 2014

WEEK 4--bitterness is happiness




The title kind of says it all...

yes, this is about hops..hoppy..bitter..all in the name of joy..

a 2 part articles about IPA..the most basic idea of what it is about..

drinkers in China and some other parts of mandarin speaking cities gave IPA a Chinese translated name which sounded like India "tambi"( little brother) ---( only if you understands Tamil language)

Hops seems to be the only reason why IPA is created and so delicious( of course this is not true!or maybe only the half truth.,)

If you have never tasted an IPA---do not associate IPA with black coffee with no sugar or for that matter Chinese medicated bitter tea...It is NOT.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

WEEK 3 Column

*UPDATED 12/05/14

喝CRAFT BEER是属于少数人的选择。


WEEK 3的专栏仍是尽量浅白的介绍什么是CRAFT BEER。。


有兴趣的,口口相传,这样CRAFT BEER文化就可以慢慢传开。。。


WEEK 3 ---still in very basic topics of what is craft beer...


"craft is the domain of the minority, some says craft is for hipster, or that it's a bit like trying to show off "i got taste"...."

"the fact is, wherever you go in the world, craft is minority domain, simply because craft brewers don't compete with commercial beers on marketing budget..."

"most people started with commercial beers and then onto either German or Belgium beer---and then somehow a craft is found..."

"people are creatures of habits, and because there is practically no publicity locally on craft beer, many people do not know what is craft beer or not even heard of the term "craft beer"..."( i have one who said...yes---i know "draft beers?")

Next week will be 2 article in very simple language about IPA( part 1 & 2) running for two consecutive weekend....

Saturday, April 12, 2014

let's play something different----Week 2 column


只是很浅白的说下CRAFT BEER 有什么好玩的。


Week 2 column, a few very simple pointers on why craft is fun...basically a newbie talking to newbie or even newerbie....

some quotes:-

"a brewer friend in Beijing said---there's no limitations in craft beer brewing, only limitation is what you cannot think of" 

"the word cellar is exclusive to only wine or liquor---some beers can do the same too"

"It's more fun "mixing beers" i.e. drinking different beers than keeping to same bottle ..."

"drink less taste more.."

"no matter how many different beers you have tasted, there will always be some new bottles you have yet to try....and this is fun"

drink some good beers, have a good Sunday ahead everyone....

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Born of the only craft beer dedicated weekly column

*UPDATED 12/05/14

终于有日报CRAFT BEER专栏。有兴趣的,记得是每个星期天,光明日报。。。请一起把CRAFT BEER文化散发开来。



and so it just happened.

a weekly column with Guangming daily, one of the very best Sunday weekly pullout out there. This is the born of the first and only craft beer dedicated weekly column in a Chinese National newspaper here in Malaysia.

just like the little intro given on the Cover page of the weekly feature, this is not a pro column not a guide....just a newbie beer geek trying to share, and hopefully meeting more geek or freaks along the way....

kind of felt exited, it is a full color page in a Sunday tabloid size though the newspaper itself is of broadsheet size.. 

for the benefits of friends who do not read's some quotes from the First article:-

"i would called it the "clash of ideas", it is the result of different ideas coming together in the form of wheat+water+hops+yeasts and at times some natural food ingredients"

"the emergent of craft beer were due to the fact that some time ago some people got sick and tired of  drinking the same old boring factory beers and decided to brew their own....drinkers became brewers...and the craft beer culture were born..."

"drinking normal factory beer is like having steam rice with soy sauce ONLY( regardless the soy sauce is new or aged) filled up the stomach....but it's monotonous, its boring"

"the local beer scene were so boring and lack of choices...until some 3,4 years we have real choices...."

NOTE:- the first article is a less than perfect start due to a couple of typo/placement errors...but it does not spoil the spirits of getting better with up coming articles....