Saturday, April 12, 2014

let's play something different----Week 2 column


只是很浅白的说下CRAFT BEER 有什么好玩的。


Week 2 column, a few very simple pointers on why craft is fun...basically a newbie talking to newbie or even newerbie....

some quotes:-

"a brewer friend in Beijing said---there's no limitations in craft beer brewing, only limitation is what you cannot think of" 

"the word cellar is exclusive to only wine or liquor---some beers can do the same too"

"It's more fun "mixing beers" i.e. drinking different beers than keeping to same bottle ..."

"drink less taste more.."

"no matter how many different beers you have tasted, there will always be some new bottles you have yet to try....and this is fun"

drink some good beers, have a good Sunday ahead everyone....

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