Monday, September 7, 2015

WEEK 58---Craft is HARD?

It is common knowledge that in every city in the world, beer market is DOMINATED by the boring(but heavily advertised/ given lifestyle package) BIG factory beers.

Craft beer is moving and gaining momentum in Europe, US, even in Asia...but it is still a small market player--in comparison to big factory beers--not to mention other alcohol beverages players. 
CRAFT BEER在吉隆坡萌芽慢步走了大概5-6年左右,要是跟其他亚洲城市比较,我们的步伐很慢,撞意啤酒文化市场发展没有想象中那么顺,很大程度上大多数一般饮客听都没听说过CRAFT BEER这个词,又或者有些很模糊的听说过,可是不知道是什么东西,也不知道哪里有卖,全力投入卖CRAFT BEER的业者还很少,目前只有2家瓶子店3间酒吧。

In KL, the craft beer movement started some 5-6 years ago--and the city finally have the very first 100% craft beer bar some 4 years+-, 4 years plus later---the KL scene is such:-
3 dedicated craft beer bar + 2 bottle shop.
CRAFT BEER不是大厂商品,不会有铺天盖地宣传攻势
外国人:“这是本地唯一的CRAFT BEER专卖吧吗?”
外国人:“真的? 就在你说那地点?啊,之前我在邻近大厦住了两年,没注意到!”

“什么是CRAFT BEER?有这种东西存在?”类似问题都是市场推广不足,认知不够,以致本地消费者不认识撞意啤酒或朦朦胧胧的原因。

What's making craft beer movement seems hard to move locally? of course there's 1001 reasons out there, maybe these are part of the 1001:-
1) What? Where?
Let's face it---craft beer will not go the advertising way the Big factory beer boys do--so it means one thing in general--that the term craft beer is not commonly heard of---most average pub goers have no idea what craft beer is---some or many don't even know there is such a thing called CRAFT BEER...perhaps this conversation i had at one of the dedicated craft beer bar in KL would tell a little bit:-
expat:-"is this the only craft beer bar in KL?"
me:-"nope--this is the branch--the same guys opened up the first bar somewhere in KL 4 yrs ago..."
expat:-" mean that place? ahhh...i used to live one block away for 2 years---BUT--never noticed--never knew.."




2)  Complicated leh...
It is true that newbie need a certain period of time to go through the so called "palate building" stages when it comes to drinking craft beer---that is if you have fallen into the "black hole" of craft and intend to go all the way froward....

For newbies--average occasional craft drinkers--the numerous choices of different styles/brand of beers available seems to be an issues they sometimes find it hard to comprehend...
This is a true story from a friend--kind of show why craft beer is not so easy for average or occasional drinker:-
"A friend kept some beers at home--one day discovered that 1 of the TOP 100 beer--a Belgium Trappist to be exact has gone missing--what happened was---a senior member of the family open it for some home comfort drink---but after 2 sip( maybe 3?)---the whole bottle went down the drain!--( because it taste explained by the senior citizen) ---nope the beer was fine--it was just an issue with palate.

is there a given period for palate building? the answer is no--it all depends on individual--some people learn fast, some slow--some just don't bother to learn or try certain varieties---just happy with one or two or three different styles of beers after years of drinking---anything wrong with that? also nope--beer is all about personal preference,you decide what you like or dislike to drink...
3) How then?
This is a common questions often asked by newbie...
and to be honest--there's probably more than a dozen answers on how to start or how to drink---to put it simply--how to start appreciating something new or completely alien to your palate?


One of the commonly recommended way of cutting short palate building or learning stage is to refer to other people's opinion--yeah--look up RATEBEER or BEERADVOCTAE or download UNTAPPD--use it as a guide.

Of course--there would be another opinion which says that the best for newbie to go forward is to try out beers basing on your own taste preferences--and slowly venture out of the comfort zone( because sooner or later--that taste comfort zone could become boring zone at times)

CRAFT BEER很难? 一点都不,你需要的只是尝试几杯/几瓶你从来不知道存在的另一个美好啤酒世界,只是那么简单,喝了就知道。

Is craft beer a hard one?----I say nope----it's damn easy--all you need is try a few beers--pick something you like--and you will open up a whole new world of beautiful brews you never knew existed.

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