Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WEEK 76--MUMBLING of GEEK in a beer desert

This piece is actually a back dated one--published in newspaper column the day CBC week started.

It's sort of a situation analysis of how it is to be a geek here in a craft desert--or it could just be some mumbling of a geek not being realistic with the term "craft desert":-
WHAT is it about beer that makes geek go nuts?
to put it in very simple term--it's kinda like when people go far and wide searching for very good food.
what has beer got to do with food? one might ask
if you give it a good go--you will find out more than what you imagine--that craft beer is like food--or in fact more--with so many different taste profile/variants--all beer geek want is to find out how the beer taste---sounds like food tasting?
某种程度上,Craft beer也有被热捧的瓶子,所谓的Hyped Beer -- 有时候会造成啤迷追逐, 或炒卖现象,至于这样好不好,值不值得,看个人心态吧。
WHAT exactly are geeks looking for?
Some says beer geeks are no more than a bunch of SHOW-OFF--they drink harder to seek beers or hyped beers--post eemmm all on social media--trying to show-off that they have better taste in beer than the rest!
IS That true?
to a certain extent-- it is NOT WRONG to say sometimes geeks are a bunch of show-off--i mean--in the age where almost everyone is the victim of social media--where the word "selfie" did not exists until not too long ago---this is understandable.
BUT TO SAY geeks are only a bunch of show-off is not fair--end of the day--what geeks really looking for is very simple---to sample all the beers listed on the WISH LIST--which obviously is not easy at all--even harder if one lives in a craft desert.

IS IT A GOOD IDEA to be a geek in KL?
ASIA as a whole is improving beer brand/varieties wise--though of course is still far from the level of Europe/US bars/bottle shop--as for KL--the market is basically still very much a pale ale/IPA/stouts dominant one.
To be very honest--it's NO FUN being a geek here in KL not just because the market supply cannot satisfy the needs of geeks--but to a certain extent geeks are being seen as some kind of nerd as if creatures from outer space :)  ( yeah i hear you say--it's just beers)
整个亚洲来说,不同类别品牌啤酒选择在增多中(当然不比欧美城市多),马来西亚的选择有限,市场主要只在IPA, STOUTSPALE ALE之间打转。所以,是可以这么说,在吉隆坡当狂热啤迷不是很爽的事,除了市场无法满足啤酒类别选择要求,有点好笑的是,狂热啤迷有被视为异类的危险,虽说有开玩笑成份,不过确实也知道一般饮客对狂热啤迷的投入感到不可思议。(不就是啤酒吗?)
WHAT'S the situation?
basically if you a real nerdy geek--these will happen:-
-Drink less and less locally
-Save up for trips to places like Bangkok-Singapore-Japan(even better if Europe or US is possible) for beers not available here--and of course pull some bottles home
-Starting to observe which are the online shop in Europe/US that would sent beer mail to KL--and inevitably keeping an eye on foreign currency movements.....
-if you have friends willing to help sent beers from Europe/US then even better....
to do OWN IMPORTS/BEER MAIL--isn't it expensive?
YES--it is not cheap to have beer mail here--with the ridiculous alcohol tax basing on abv+ another 6% GST basing on prices--even if the beers are FREE --we still have to pay some silly taxes.

Though relatively expensive--end of the day--in economic terms--it's all about "opportunity cost"--meaning if you have USD100--you can either buy A or B--so what some of us geeks do here is basically drink or buy less locally--save up and drink own beer mail
The logic is simple--craft beer is never about volume--it's about taste-- if i don't drink 20 average beers and only get 2 small glasses of 2 very awesome beers---i'm more than happy--that's all i need really.

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