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WEEK 83--Craft Beer Hierarchy of Needs--Maslow's theory style

The title probably sounds like a "Big"/"Deep" topic--but nope--i'm Not trying to be a Psychologist or  Philosopher--this is just a play basing on Abraham Maslow's theory in 1940s.

The Maslow's theory talk about human motivational factors/needs(not going to do a copy and paste here, so you would have to go wiki a little if wanting to know the Original theory:)--which is kinda similar to beer drinking scene in general.

如果用这个古老理论来看Craft Beer市场情况,相似之处很多,饶有趣味。

In his theory--there's 5 layer of needs, as shown here:-
We could easily link the First Level in Maslow's theory to majority of the general public--who basically only think of BEER in the MACRO way--that beer is nothing more than just ice-cold-yellow- fizzy-thirst quenching alcoholic beverages---Nothing More.
The fact that people are being surrounded with MACRO beer with such easy access everywhere you go--as well being influenced by marketing campaign--and peers--drinking a MACRO BEER is like picking up a glass of water--it's that simple--BEER is not something people would think about options--because Majority of the people Don't even stop for 1 second to think IF there's any other options out there
马斯洛理论第一层,也就是最多人那层被称为“生理需求”(Physiological Needs),在这里,大家基本只忙着照顾生存最基本需求,不考虑其他更高层次需求。
放在啤酒层面上看,其实蛮有趣,绝大多数人对啤酒的认识只停留在会花大钱打广告宣传单调无趣冷嗖嗖快饮干杯大厂啤酒,不了解什么是Craft Beer。这解释了为什么大厂啤酒充斥市场每个角落,易喝易买,什么场合都看得到踪影,大家也随便喝,只要有冷冻酒精饮料感觉就可以。
The fact that Craft Beer is NOT commonly known to general public don't help--partly why most people Don't drink craft beer is because they never knew there's such a vast selection out there--craft beer is like a planet they never knew existing.  

Craft Beer Newbie
Remember when/how you started to drink your First craft beer? The scenario could be slightly different but it can be concluded that most people started drinking craft beer out of Curiosity or simply wanted a Change from boring MACRO beer.

心理学说第二层,“安全需求”(Safety Needs)指的是人在温饱之余会追寻较好的生活保障。
就像开始接触不同于单调大厂啤酒新人们,在这层,可能大家喝到第一杯Craft Beer的契机不同,不过,基本离不开好奇或自己想尝试这个框,因为那样,有人试了第一杯之后会开展探寻Craft之旅,有人会觉得不对味或完全不能领会而离开,这种情况周而复始,作为探索第一关,这一层不愁不够热闹。
某种程度上,啤酒质素优劣,是不是选对自己口味啤酒,去的酒吧或瓶子店和接触到的店主/工作人员或其他资深啤友,都会影响新人对Craft Beer的感观,有时候甚至是决定新人会继续探索或收起好奇离开的关键作用。

Hence--it is quite normal to see people come and go in this level--some might have met with a first few beers that's "simply not my cup of tea"--some might have gotten so shaken up with bitterness or sour that they simply ran away...
But there will always be new people who would pick up their first bottle/pint of craft beer along the way--will they stay and venture on or will they leave after a few try--that's really an individual perception/palate issue....

This is the real starting point of craft venture--the level where newbie starting to get more curious/intrigued by the sheer size/availability of how many more variants/styles of beers out there to be explored--it's almost like a new found land--though some newbie would maybe only kept drinking only 1 or 2 same style of beers over and over again--while some would set out on an adventure of trying out more unfamiliar variants/style of beers....
罗斯洛理论第三层是“社交需求” (Love & Belonging Needs)就像接触Craft Beer後觉得有趣的朋友会成为探索者,这是兴趣的雏形,有人会开始比较认真探讨什么是某一个类别风格啤酒中比较优质选择。有人会不管什么啤酒,只要没喝过就想试。也有人懒理什么其他选择就只想喝一两种自己爱的类别风格。这里基本也是个人口味喜好偏爱的展现,反正不同啤酒类别繁多,大家可以尽量挑对味啤酒,也可以尝试不知道的新口味。
很有趣的,这层次也是很多人接触/投入类似UNTAPPDRATEBEER BEER ADVOCATE这些纯Craft Beer社交媒体的起点,因为对啤酒的热情,很多陌生人会成为啤友/朋友。
The Maslow's theory of this level is about Love & Belonging--interestingly---this is also the stage where many newbie starting to seek out/involved with beer social media such as Untappd- Ratebeer- Beer Advocate....

Beer Geek
There's maybe some very different interpretation of what makes a Beer Geek--for me here in Asia--or South East Asia to be precise---it basically means someone who is passionate about well made beers--prefer tasting rather than downing pints and pints of beer in a single session--and if somehow lives in a craft-desert--you would try your utmost in trying to seek for beers Not available locally.
心理学说第四层指的是“认可需求”(Esteem Needs),生活无忧後需要社会认可。
换成Craft Beer说,已是啤迷阶段,所谓啤迷,虽然姿态有异,肯定对啤酒有热情或狂热,基本会选择品饮,跟同好或新人分享好酒,就算有难度也会想方设法找一些所在城市没供应啤酒。
Geeks are generally people who know why Not All Craft Beer is the same--that some beers would certainly taste better than others.
Also-- Beer Geek who lives in Asia--generally DO NOT ASK why a certain beer would cost more than 20USD or more....(though paying silly prices for a certain HYPED up beer is quite another issue) 
HOWEVER--the biggest hallmark/problem of a Beer Geek is that one " WISH LIST"--every Geek would have a list of his/her own--a list that sometimes can be like a never ending story/black hole that sucks you in so deep it would take forever to see lights...:)

The No-frills Stage
Personally i don't really know many who have reached this stage of Beer Pyramid--i mean we are only human--and it's worse when you add that "Geek" title onto the human desire....
Anyone who have reached this stage is almost like went to the Galaxy and back on Earth---yeah-- like Been there DRANK THAT 

Craft Beer界,有时候我们会了解到一些很出名酿酒师或评酒人,基本都选择喝那种被视为平易近人的啤酒,不再执意喝的一定要大酒,名作之类,或许用看穿意识形态有点夸张说,不过,当我们试着把所有不同品牌啤酒标签形象名气等等都放一边的话,啤酒本质就可以分成非常佳酿,中上,中下或劣质4个分类而已,
In a way--these are probably the people who have drank lots of well made beers/big beers/hyped beers---people who can now just ignore the distraction caused by a certain Brand/ Beer Label/Noise created in Beer based social media---the only thing that matters is JUST the beer itself--nothing more--nothing less.... 

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