Sunday, September 11, 2016

WEEK 85--To Drink or Not To Drink---Who has the FINAL SAY?


In the world of craft beer---with so many choices of different beer styles/different brew from thousands of breweries--- One question some newbie always have is--how to decide on a particular beer over the others?
To arrive on that choice---different people have different ideas--but who has got the final say on which beer to drink?
The World Wide Web has got all sorts of info--obviously there's many many beer related web/blog/apps...
There's the PRO level website such as Brewers Association, or say BJCP(Beer Judge Certification Program) among others...
And of course there's many other PRO-Amateur sites/blog/apps promoting craft beer---of all these, probably Ratebeer, Beer Advocate & Untappd are the most commonly used.
网络世界有很多Craft Beer相关质料可供参考,包括像是BJCP(啤酒专业评级课程)或BREWERS ASSOCIATION(美国酿酒师协会)倡导啤酒专业级别资讯网站,又或是集合专业和业余爱好者的各类啤酒网站/部落客/手机应用程式等。
这当中较多啤迷接受使用的就有Ratebeer, Beer Advocate  Untappd 等三个评酒相关媒介,都有为不同类别啤酒列出基本资讯,也为不同啤酒打分,甚至衍生出类似排行榜东西,比如Ratebeer 就有年度100大,不同啤酒类别最佳50大,最佳酿坊等各类评级。


All 3 mentioned above do list out basic info of a beer such as beer style/brewer's note and so on--but most users would inevitably check on RATING of a particular beer--in another words--check on others opinion--either as reference or simply as deciding factor.
While the info listed on all 3 mentioned above does in some way help newbie/not so new drinkers understand the basic style/taste of a particular beer (they yet to taste)---the Rating part is very much debatable since it's combination of various drinkers opinion--i mean--no matter how detail the tasting note might be--or how PRO the rating was given--one still need to drink a beer personally to understand a beer--no rating/words/descriptions can replace the real taste of beer in mouth.



Hence the question of basing a decision purely or largely on Rating--for examples--Ratebeer TOP 50--a beer is listed as one of the best 50 in the world--so naturally it must be damn good--but the problem is--everyone react to taste profile differently--a TOP 50 beer is NO GUARANTEE to your palate enjoyment--good it might be--you might not like how the beer taste.
The perils of believing too much in Rating/Hype of a certain beer on social media is that one might fall into the " I ONLY DRINK HIGHLY RATED BEER" trap--while missing out on lesser known/not highly rated(yet) good beers.

AS for people who are into "blindly chasing big/hyped beer"at whatever asking prices--it's time to wake up--craft beer should never go down the whisky/wine sky high reselling/profiteering path.

Most newbie would have been either advised by a craft beer bar/bottle shop owner/beer server or a more "senior" drinker during the early stage of trying out craft beer.
It's quite a crucial stage where who you meet--what advise given would affect the perception of newbie about craft beer initially. Some newbie would flourish with the right advise/meeting the right people--while some might just run off having been given the wrong beer/wrong advise.
新朋友开始接触Craft Beer时,除开少数自己比较用心研究的,一般都依靠店长,店员或较资深饮客推荐,这阶段,视乎遇到什么人介绍什么啤酒,有时新人会受益不浅,也有新人因为初体验感觉不佳,就此对Craft Beer持有成见或敬而远之。
Those who are still very much into MACRO BEER--many people would say it's who you drink with that matters--what's in the glass is Not important--being with friends/ at a happening place would make any beverages taste better.
There's no denying the importance of good company and the right place to drink--but what those 2 factors would just make bad beer slightly more bearable--HOWEVER a bad beer is still a bad beer--it wont suddenly taste fantastic just because you're in good company.
无论是刚开始接触Craft Beer或相信热闹开心就好的朋友们,听别人话喝酒这件事,听之后,还得靠自己消化判断,什么素质啤酒才值得送进自己嘴里。
Next time when you had a bad craft beer recommended by someone--or have to drink crappy MACRO because of friends--it's all good--it would only serve to make you appreciate more when you drink a beer that hits all the right notes with your palate.
Beer is a matter of personal taste.
That's quite true and quite often heard.
Craft Beer其实和吃东西一样,是味蕾美味探寻,如果说食物有慰藉人心作用,酿得好的啤酒也有异曲同工之处。
The thing is --over emphasizing about beer must be suited to own palate can be a hindrance--if one is more serious about exploring varieties of beer styles.  It's kinda like "Picky Eating"--preferring to eat only a certain/few types of food--while NOT touching any other types--in craft beer--that could means only drinking 2 or 3 different beer styles even after a few years of discovering craft.
That's certainly not ideal for palate training--anyone intending on discovering the kaleidoscope of craft world--need to drink out of comfort zone--try something never had before--try something maybe of taste profile which you don't like that much in food form. 
Next time when you wanted to reject a beer you never had before because it's "NOT my favourite style/taste profile"--think again--that unfamiliarity could just be the few stepping stones you need to get to the next level of palate training.
just like many things in life--be it the WWW--what OTHERS SAY or what "ME" say--there's useful info as well as rubbish all over --you just need to pick the brain/pick out the useful ones from all and decide for yourself. 

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