Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WEEK 99 --- Open up your senses-- STOP being a Beer-Blind

It is a fact not even worth arguing--that 9 out of 10( or it could well be 11 out of 10!) people only know beer as BEER, as in MACRO BEER - that its always a no-brain-er when ordering a BEER.
这当然是错的- 多得单调无趣大厂啤酒多年“调教”有方--大家基本都变“啤盲”而不自知。
It is also a fact that MACRO BEER giants- through the years--with their marketing money/strength and "lifestyle" ad campaigns has firmly planted the stereo-type images of BEER in a certain way--here's some general attitude people would have when mentioning BEER (much like in a blind-folded way) :-
1) BEER is either "white" or "black"-varieties? what varieties?
Anyone growing up/living long enough in  Asia- particularly Malaysia or Singapore would have heard this many times over--that BEER is either only "white" or "black"--that's the only way BEER is known.
It's a fact( though it's a pity) that absolute majority don't know / not heard of craft beer--that's the awesome colorful beer world full of varieties/styles way beyond just "white" or "black".
Perhaps the closest anyone who refer BEER world as just 2 tone in color could muster is DRAFT BEER( instead of craft)- thanks but no thanks to the influence of MACRO.
1) 啤酒不是白就是黑,没什么需要选择的。
啤酒不是白就是黑只是大厂啤酒市场营销策略描绘的单调无趣选择,啤酒世界真实情况是选择多样化到会让一些人“选择困难症”发作,是绝对不止黑白的霓虹灿烂,这个啤酒世界的名字叫做Craft Beer。(请不要混淆为DRAFT BEER
2) BEER needs to be ICE-COLD and Down Fast
Try telling anyone that you need to let a glass of beer slowly warm up--give it a little bit of time to "breath"/"find it's footing" so that you can better enjoy it's full flavour--and you shall be laughed at.
in the world of BEER--almost no one knows that a beer actually would taste better/more rounded/fuller in taste profile if given proper temperature treatment/timing that beer deserved(i said almost coz there are few who do warm stout--but that's another story).
thanks but no thanks to MACRO- almost all of us only know a glass a ICE COLD BEER is best served with Frozen Glasses--and down it in no time. ( coz it taste horrible when warm :)
2) 啤酒哪需要讲究什么不同温度,冷到结霜程度快快喝就对了。
Craft Beer世界,不同类型啤酒需要不同温度才能真正领略到完整风味,太冷喝只是浪费酒,正确方式是让啤酒稍微回温,原理有点像是喝葡萄酒讲究“醒酒”或让“酒呼吸”那样,只有适当温度才能让啤酒发挥应有风味。
3) Never MIX--just keep to"white" or "black"
it's quite a common belief among some MACRO drinkers that the best way to avoid getting smashed is "do not mix your beer"--meaning if you been drinking "white"--just keep to that, don't drink the next beer "black"--always only keep to the same beer!
Well the truth is--no matter who you are or how high or low you Alcohol tolerance level might be--you will be asking for troubles if you:-
a) drinking empty stomach
b) drinking when you already dead tired
So--thanks but no thanks to MACRO--the real fun of drinking varieties of different styles of craft beer will hardly be known by most BEER drinkers.
3) 啤酒不要混着喝,喝白就一路白,黑就黑。
至于不要黑白混着喝这回事,一点问题也没有,说白了,啤酒混着喝才是Craft Beer好玩之处,为的不是醉,而是尝试不同味道风格类别啤酒,
当然,喝Craft Beer这回事,最重要的还是品尝,不是牛饮,更不是买醉。
4) ICE PLEASE--BEER is too warm/too "thick"
Adding ice cube--it's quite a norm in the world of BEER- isn't it? well--it's even quite common with some wine-drinkers--so what is wrong with adding ICE?
here's a case at Mikkeller Bangkok sometime ago--a curious drinker went there - found the glass of porter too "strong" for his liking(though already had taster)--asked for ice cube--obviously not given any--went on social media to wank..
Is that guy right to ask for Ice cube? YES i heard many many of you BEER drinkers said- so thanks but no thanks to MACRO- the idea of actually "murdering" a beer flavours by adding ice or by serving it ice cold don't exist in you--and that's a real pity you don't understand the concept of flavours in beer.
4) 啤酒杯中加冰块是正常的,反正有人喝红酒也那样。
不过,在Craft Beer世界中,冷只是一个事前动作,真正品尝时候需要的是啤酒由冷在回温过程中出现的味道变化,这是领会完整啤酒风味的过程,任何加冰的动作等于是在谋杀味道。
不懂啤酒真实世界的人或许会觉得“加冰”没什么不可,只是,对懂得Craft Beer的人来说,“加冰”这动作是很有讽刺意味的,显示了大厂啤酒蒙蔽大家对真正啤酒世界感知能力的策略多成功,而一般消费者对啤酒的认知是多么无知。
5) Why bother go specific places only--just to buy BEER?
BEER is something easily accessible--BEER is something very convenient--that has been the key to MACRO successes.
The fact that craft beer community is formed by tens of thousands of small breweries/distributors/bars/bottle shops- and the nature of craft culture of "brewing what i like/think could be fun" mean only 1 thing--that there's no way craft would rival MACRO in terms of accessibility or available volume.
It's quite interesting to note that in ASIA lots of people would drive/travel far and wide just to get a good meal--no one will ask why go there coz the reason is obvious--only that restaurant/that chef can cook something so delicious.
BUT--why no one think that way when it's time to choose a BEER? that you need to go somewhere specific--coz that bottle of beer/that keg of beer is only available there!
5) 啤酒随处可买到,为什么CRAFT只能去专卖店?
Craft Beer的世界不是由几家国际大公司自己生产自己供应自己玩完,而是世上很多不同地方成千上万酿坊形成,每一家的酿品都不太一样,产量也不太多,有时候甚至只是酿一次玩玩就不酿,当然做不到随处可买到,这就是为什么喜欢喝或想喝Craft的朋友一定要去专卖店找,就像找美食那样。
6) BEER is just BEER- it's cold maybe a bit bitter-that's all
It was quite a joke when this dude who "like BEER" went to Cantillon sometime ago--posted his comments on social media-- asking people to "avoid this place if you love beer"--kinda trying to turn Cantillon into "CANTI-NO".
But-is that dude wrong in saying what he felt/tasted? that he could not handle the beer he thought should be BEER?
Not really--maybe we should congratulate the marketing/blind folding team of MACRO for successfully making most of us "Beer-Blind" who knows nothing about varieties of taste profile out there in the beer world--thinking all beers would only tasting how BEER should be all these while.
6) 啤酒就只是有点苦涩,冷冷的饮料,不可能有什么其他味道。
so whose fault is it that most of us are essentially"Beer-Blind"? regardless if you realized or not--the truth is--in the world where commercialization is where big money is made---perceptions formed(rightly or wrongly)-- there's simply no stopping MACRO playing that "blind-folding" game they been so good at over times--it's entirely up to us to decide--if you would still like to be "beer-blind" or you would maybe try saying this next time:-
"i need choices--WHAT would be a nice beer to drink?"
just like you always do when it comes to FOOD.

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