Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WEEK 102--some basic ideas of CRAFT---part 2

It is true majority of "BEER drinkers" don't know/ never heard of craft beer---here's part 2 of the basic ideas series:-
CRAFT BEER让啤酒的世界很精彩,只可惜知道,听过,懂得欣赏的人太少,本期再来聊些基本概念:-
1) So MANY choices--where to start? how to drink?
There is no fixed method of how one should start craft drinking.
One of the easier way to start is perhaps by picking beer flavour which is similar to taste profile you like in food/fruits or dessert--that way you can minimize chances of drinking something "unpleasant" right from the start--which might caused some to have the wrong idea about craft and make a hasty conclusion that craft beer is just gimmicky-unpleasant-awful...
1) 那么多不同类别啤酒选择 怎么喝?
比如说可以从最浅白易喝风格开始,低度PilsnerPale Ale--然后再试IPAPorterStouts等类型,不过,要是想随心所欲的看到什么试什么开始,也未尝不可,自由发挥是Craft文化精神之一。
Once you decided on the flavour profile---the next step is to either follow the "safer" path of starting from lighter, lower abv beers--and then slowly moving onto "heavier" ones----or you could just go with whichever you fancy--regardless of the "lighter to heavier" order.
The Key point? it's all about tasting--finding a flavour or two or three that you like initially and take it from there. BUT--do not stay too long in a certain comfort zone--meaning if you like IPA--don't just keep drinking IPAs for ages--one should try other styles too--even those you think you won't like or can't accept due to certain misconception/precast ideas---just try them out--try a few good ones for a particular styles--and you will be surprised how different taste profile would give so much pleasure you never thought possible from these "perceived not my cup of beer/mead"
2)MACRO BEER most familiar with are mostly around 5%--there's a lot of above 6%--even above 10-20% abv craft beer--with ABV that high--wouldn't it full of strong alcohol smell? awful to drink?
Whether or not a beer is full of alcohol smell has got NO direct link with how low of how high ABV it has got.
The deciding factor is about how well a beer is brewed.
In truth--a beer with only 5% abv can smell and taste so awful if badly brewed--and a beer with over 20% abv can be so tasty one can hardly taste or smell the alcohol influence.
2) 一般大厂啤酒都是5度左右,Craft类型中超过6度到1020多度啤酒不少,酒精那么高会不会难闻难喝?
3)How to avoid "stumbling into" a badly brewed beer?
Part of the fun of craft drinking is about discovering nice brew-awesome brew--it is the journey most(if not all) geeks goes through--stumbling upon some bad beers is part of the game--though with better judgement one can lessen that chances--but it's all good--drinking a few bad ones along the way would only serve as stepping stones to finding a lot more better ones...
3) 怎么避免喝到难喝啤酒?
4) Is there some form of Guide or References--to avoid bad beers all together?
There are lots of information about beer on wwwsocial media--and among those sea of information--RateBeer, Beer Advocate & Untappd are widely used for references/guide --it is no denying that by checking on ratings/others opinion--one could lessen the chances of bumping into a bad brew--BUT--do remember--it's still other people's opinion--you would have to drink it yourself to find out if you really like it or other wise.
The choice is yours--let others decide for you--or decide yourself.
4) 有什么管道可以了解多些啤酒资讯,减低喝到难喝啤酒几率?
关于啤酒的资讯很多,除了可以看书,网络和手机程式也有一些适用的,包括很多人用来查看个别啤酒评价,类别风格,酒精度,风味特色等基本资讯的RateBeer, Beer AdvocateUntappd等,通过这些资讯,特别是个别啤酒评价,有时候可以减低喝到难喝啤酒几率,只是,要注意不能一直只是完全根据网上评价决定喝不喝某支啤酒,毕竟那都是别人意见,还是要自己喝过才能决定心中评价。
      5) Is there a Sommelier for beer which one can ask for recommendations?
There's something similar to that in the world of craft beer--one can take up the courses/examinations to become a Cicerone.
However--it is NOT a common scenario where craft beer places would have in-house Cicerone to recommend beers to customers like a restaurant would with wine serving sommelier.
In ASIA--most craft beer places would have someone to recommend choices to newbies when asked--and they are usually either owners/staff or regulars/geeks.
5) 啤酒有没有像葡萄酒那样,就听认证侍酒师(Sommelier)介绍喝算了?
Craft 的世界有类似侍酒师那样的国际认证考核资格,不过因为Craft在亚洲是起步中,没有像欧美餐厅聘请葡萄酒侍酒师的普及化,现阶段来说,喝啤酒靠的是店长店员或啤迷朋友介绍推荐

6) So Beer also got International Courses & Examination?
That's right--besides Cicerone there's another International body running BJCP courses for those intended in becoming international beer judges. And obviously there are beer related courses run by universities in and around US/EUROPE.
6) 啤酒也有国际认证考试?
7) is Beer that COMPLICATED?
there's 2 side to a coin--it might seem complicated to some with all those various beer styles--different serving temperatures--different serving glasses--not to mentioned all those technical terms involved if one were to brew or intending to take up exams.
7) 啤酒有那么复杂?
BUT--beer can be very simple really--at least 1 thing is clear--the reason why geeks go nuts about craft beer is simple--in search of Palate Enjoyment.
Anyone who tells you BEER is only something to gulp/to get wasted--they obviously don't bloody know what Beer is. 

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