Monday, August 21, 2017

WEEK 112---BEER Drinking Sheep

The title of this week's column came from a Canton-pop song lyric quite sometime back, ending part of that song has got 1 line saying "people are so much like sheep".
It's quite true when put it in the context of beer drinking-where MACRO BEER been and still dominating consumers market-even their mind when BEER is always only BEER and nothing else(craft beer? what's that?).
It's actually kinda laughable but also scary to think that most people immediately relate beer to CARLXXXX /HEIXXXXX/CORXXX and so on as beer- just like we automatically refer COLxxxx as toothpaste instead of saying toothpaste.
There's no denying how successful/pitiful beer consumption market has been/still are after all these years of domination by the MACRO giants via systematic "brain washing" with various seemingly trendy/life is good/close to the heart of working class/friendships/party hard theme(and so on)ad campaigns that the immediate reaction of most people when ask about beer would be :-
1) BEER is easy - no choices needed
2) BEER is just BEER- nothing to fuss
3) BEER is cheap- no flavours no complexity at all
4) BEER is to be down quick- to get high/pissed/shit faced with
对热爱Craft Beer啤迷来说,啤酒当然不是那样单调,一直以来情况是,整个啤酒消费市场只有绝对少数啤迷知道什么是啤酒美味层次,不同啤酒之间水准可以有天与地差别,如何有效让一般人知道啤酒实际上有很大质素区别才能起到最起码的观念改变,这件事不是三言两语能说清楚,更需要一定时间尝味了解才能见效。

We all know beer business can be a hugely profitable one-and we also know the MACRO BEER giants company will keep going with their multi millions advertising campaign-marketing strategy to conquer all corners and every beer drinkers mind possible.
For people who have tasted and understand what craft beer/mead is all about, we do know that there's so much more choices- delicious choices/varieties out there-question is--how do you break that chain firmly locked in most consumers mind about BEER? How can the craft community effectively spread out that 1 single most important message of " beer is NOT only BEER but has got varieties of styles and choices"?
或许,在一般人眼中,或许会觉得Craft啤迷是奇怪- 装腔作势-鸡蛋挑骨头的一群,不就是啤酒,有什么那么好挑剔讲究的? 其实,说穿了,啤迷只是认识到更合适自己口味,致力寻找美味层次的一群,或许啤迷也还只是一群羊,不过,可以肯定的是,这是一群懂得自己想喝什么的羊。
7季最新一集<王位游戏-Game of Thrones>中有一句对白是这样说的 "就算羊群鼓噪 狮子绝不动摇",放在喝啤酒这件事来看,还蛮有趣的,当消费市场上绝对大多数"爱喝啤酒人"都是羊群,当财雄势大的大厂啤酒公司不断鼓吹啤酒只是轻松随意或时尚嗨爆酒精饮料时,市场少数群体的Craft Beer啤迷们虽然不是剧中比喻的狮子,不过可以肯定的是不会被动摇的一群,原因很简单,一旦了解并爱上Craft的变化多端口味选择,就再也回不去羊群中继续盲目追随单调无趣的大厂啤酒。
This blog is half jokingly saying(because to say seriously can be bit boring or too preachy?) majority of the BEER DRINKING people are sheep who do not realize they were/ been/ still are following the advertising messages/strategy of MACRO Giants--not knowing what other choices available in the world of beer--or worse- by simply dismissing craft drinking crowd/ geeks as a bunch of pretentious/fussy assholes.
In Episode 5 of season 6 of Game of Thrones--Jaime and Cersei repeated that sentence "a Lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of the sheep"--perhaps the craft drinking crowd would likely still be sheep instead of Lions--but 1 thing is for sure- this would be a group of sheep who know there's choices out there in the beer world and know how to choose their beers.
IF all these while you been led to believe that there's only BEER instead of beer out there in the beer world--it's time to stop being a blinded sheep--come out to the world of craft beer/mead--and be a some what picky sheep if you will.

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