Friday, May 4, 2018

WEEK 129----Drink as if going to WORK in a Beerfest

And so its happening Next Week, the much anticipated event of the year--Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen(#MBCC2018) .

Well, to most people, it's just a beer festivals---but for geeks like us who lives in craft-desert, the activities lined up for next week is a big big deal, it would be a week which would quench our thirst for awesome brew for a year's worth--the joke among some of us here is that a week or even few days in Copenhagen during MBCC week is way way better than drinking everyday here(and nope, drinking everyday is NOT what i need).
下个星期就是CRAFT BEER界年度盛事,哥本哈根啤酒庆典的到来,主办方在周中宣布了部份参与酿坊酒单,虽还不是全部100家,却已让啤迷朋友大呼“让人疯狂的清单”,然后说“真的需要研究下会场各酿坊位置图,看怎样才能有效率品尝想喝酒款,节省场内不同角落来回跑领酒喝时间”。
So, the big week is coming, but looking at what's coming from the day i set foot in Copenhagen come next week is quite hectic to say the least---there's not only various tap takeover/tasting events/bottle release/meet the brewer and such by bars/restaurants directly related to Mikkeller--but also many other bars that would have other activities during that same week. And that's only what's available to drink before the 2 days 4 sessions beerfest starts. Come Friday/Saturday of 11th & 12th---the "work load" is even more daunting--the first question is --where do you start or how do you pick what to drink/what not to drink from hundreds of beer/mead/hard cider from no less than 100 breweries inside Oksnehallen?
Let's take for examples some of what's happening on Thursday 10th of May alone:-
from the Mikkeller official participating bars/venues :-
1)Tap takeover by Other Half & Finback & Kane at mikkeller bar
2)Arizona Wilderness Tap takeover at Warpigs
3)Jester King bottle release at Torvehallerne bottle shop
4)Hoof Hearted event at Mikropolis
5)Bokkereyder Tasting at Koelschip
6)Jester King taptakeover at Baghaven + bottle release of Baghaven
7) Scandinavia taptakeover at Mikkeller & Fiends.....

and then there's also non mikkeller related bars having:-
1) Cantillon Blabaer limited Release plus tap takeover of Cantillon & Equilibrium --where pop up bar starts as early as 8am!!--at Himmeriget
2) Another new bar in town 1420 will also be having a Cantillon event.
3) A Verdant & Buxton tap takeover at Fermentoren...
There's probably more activities but these 10 events are some i have noticed and it's already too many to pick/try to attend.....
and then onto the 2 days 4 sessions beerfest on Friday & Saturday--looking at the beer list for Friday Morning yellow session alone is already very challenging-- if you are going for just 1 particular session and call it a fest then it's likely easier--but if you are like some of us who would go for ALL 4 sessions--then it will be much more tricky.

Let's look at some of the Big Stouts lined up for FRIDAY Morning( 10am-2pm) sessions alone, where do one starts and how do you manage efficiency issue by not wasting too much time running from different corners of the hall trying to pick up drinks?(granted some big ones will see people lining up), as well as managing alcohol tolerance issue( there's another session to go from 4-8pm).
Personally i have tried the pre-event preparations in one year--only to Not bothered following the "drinking plan" when inside hall--and one year i was really going totally unprepared and just pick as i walk and drink--but that Friday Morning beer list for this year kinda made me wanted to try and "cherry pick" a list of brew i would like to taste(as shown below one of few pages)--and i actually did went through the whole morning session brew--picked some --and guess what--that list of mine contains some 50+ breweries, some with 2 brew some with 1, meaning my list is having at least 100 beer/mead/hard cider which i'm either curious about or really wanted to have a sip-but that's not gonna happen as i know from previous experiences that i will not be able to sample a 100 brew--actually not even 50....( *there's another session to go in the afternoon --and no point drinking until you don't actually know what you are drinking coz your palate already damn fxxked or alcohol has taken over your mind and body).
会场内,很多时候会看到一大班人坐一起,像是做研究/考试那样认真拿着本子/手机记录尝味心得(TASTING NOTE),他她们不是什么研究机构人员,就只是啤迷,是比一般啤迷更致力于参与评酒网站/手机程式评酒的一群,这群人会更像完成“工作报告”那样更致力于品尝更多款的目标。至于不是“研究员”的啤迷们,因为想要尝味/评估/记录的不同酒款实在很多。有些啤迷也会或三两人或更多人的分工合作,同时间去不同酿坊摊位领酒然后分享,不同酒款都喝些,即能喝少尝多,也节省个别跑来跑去领酒时间,快乐的工作着大概是这样解释吧
It's true going to a craft beer festivals the level of MBCC is something geeks looking forward to--i missed out last year so i know how it feels when friends were rejoicing/enjoying some awesome brews in CPH---but looking at it from another angle--it's true Copenhagen is the best beer heaven to be come next week--but with so many activities all going on almost at the same time during that particular week--it felt as if too many good things coming in all at once(how nice if say all those activities can be split into weekly events and happen this part of the world throughout the year :)--and half jokingly half seriously--the coming week in CPH would be like going to work for some of us geeks--you kinda need a plan or so to tackle that many activities/so much to drink...
会场内,很多时候会看到一大班人坐一起,像是做研究/考试那样认真拿着本子/手机记录尝味心得(TASTING NOTE),他她们不是什么研究机构人员,就只是啤迷,是比一般啤迷更致力于参与评酒网站/手机程式评酒的一群,这群人会更像完成“工作报告”那样更致力于品尝更多款的目标。至于不是“研究员”的啤迷们,因为想要尝味/评估/记录的不同酒款实在很多。有些啤迷也会或三两人或更多人的分工合作,同时间去不同酿坊摊位领酒然后分享,不同酒款都喝些,即能喝少尝多,也节省个别跑来跑去领酒时间,快乐的工作着大概是这样解释吧
后记:如果你不了解什么是哥本哈根啤酒庆典(Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen简称MBCC),基本概念就像是一个两天四个场次的顶级美食飨宴那样的啤酒/蜜酒盛宴,受邀前来参与的酿坊都不会是泛泛之辈,从大师级别到火热新贵到蓄势待发实力新人都有。
It would be interesting to see if my so called "cherry picked" beer list would work inside hall come Friday Morning session--as for the weekdays leading up to the fest--- i guess having some rice/soup/Chinese/Thai food or perhaps Ramen and good enough sleep would be vital to being able to really enjoying what's coming.

See you guys in Copenhagen soon.

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