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WEEK 133---A Week in Beer Heaven---Part 2 of 2

Time to conclude the beer heaven trip--a week in Copenhagen may seems short in time frame but it's definitely given us geeks living in craft desert KL plenty to pick and choose, even the luxury of skipping some/many we don't even dream of getting a sip this part of the world.....
This is the main draw for many geeks who flew in from different corners of the world---2 days 4 sessions---with 100+ breweries--and minimum of each brewery serving 2 different beers/mead/hard cider per session--there's simply way too many to pick/drink--personally i would say it's mission impossible to sip ALL of whatever is serving on site during each session--let alone all 4 sessions.
This year--because 3 of us team up and found a place to sit and enjoy the brew each session--also taking turns to go round getting brew to share--it was more efficient in terms of time management, drink less taste more hence better alcohol tolerance level---on average each session there's about 50(+-) different brew tasted---including some really big hitters--overall it was very manageable--no one was seeing stars or falling off the table.

在两天四场次的啤酒庆典会场喝酒是件快乐但也有点烦恼的事,因为选择太多了,每个场次100家酿坊都拿出至少两款或更多不同酒,虽说绝大多数啤迷关注的是酿品水准而不是量,依然有太多不同类别风格啤酒选择,全部喝完基本是不可能的任务。两天内当然喝到非常多高水平不同类别风味酿品,从大鸣大放型酿品到内敛含蓄型都有,不过,如果说只凭个人味蕾即场直觉来选四场次喝过最有印象酿品的话,毋庸置疑的两款出色作品是来自美国酿坊3SONS的层次分明迷人黑啤BA SCOOP和酸啤新贵BOKKEREYDER的咖啡果酸啤酒MUTANA GUEUZE,众多佳酿中这两款轮廓鲜明,非常突出,一喝就让味蕾惊艳不已。
It's not easy to pick the most memorable ones( some might call it the best ones) from the hundreds of different styles of brew--obviously there are brew which are loud/in the face type( both in a nice way--or not so nice way)--as well some with subtle nuances which require a little bit more palate appreciation--but if i were to pick straight out from memory(i don't untapdd or RB or BA)---though there's a few, but these 2 very different but distinctively impressive brews immediately came jumping out of the memory box :-
3 sons BA SCOOP   &  Bokkereyder Mutana Gueuze
And obviously i'm a fan of mead/hard cider---the 2 usual suspects--B.Nektar and Superstition obviously been wowing geeks old and new since they took part in the fest--this year is no exception-- i definitely enjoyed sipping on the delicious but rather high ABV mead from these guys---who could resist a brew like B.Nektar's Gin BA Orange Blossom or Ginger Peach Cyser? or Supertition's  Grand Cru Berry or Saturnalia?  

众多不同风格啤酒之外,场内也有蜜酒(MEAD/轻度水果蜜酒(HARD CIDER)酿坊,来自美国的B.NEKTAR SUPERSTITION是庆典常客,不例外的带来一些顶级佳酿,另一家听说过但没真正喝过的RABBIT’S FOOT 也在场,喝了些不同类作品,其中酒精度高达18%CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY LOVE(巧克力覆盆子蜜酒)“非常危险”的可口易喝,另外几款用不同水果如黑莓,蓝莓,柠檬等入味的轻度水果蜜酒也清爽美味。
Well---this year Rabbit's Foot was there--tasted some and loving it--there's the fruits influenced lighter abv cyser( cheery/lemon/ blueberry..) as well a lovely but dangerously easy sipping 18% Chocolate Raspberry Love,  
Bottle Logic tap takeover @Warpigs
Tap takeover activities has been a big attraction for geeks flying in earlier during the week( those who were at 2016 Hillfarmstead tap takeover event can testify to that)--this year we went to the TTO by BL---it was much smaller in terms of on tap or bottles selection (if were to compare to 2016 scale)---but for those who don't live close by to BL in the states--this is as good as it gets though some of their famous dark brews like the fundamental series were missing from the line up--shared a bottle of Red Eye November--it was boozy even after warming up--bourbon barrel influence and alcohol traces were obvious---a little disappointing really.  BUT--the Berliner Weisse on tap was a pleasant surprise(s)-Berliner Equation with Cherry( the name says it all)--and Muscle & Mayhem(with Coconut & Pineapple & Bananas) were tasting deliciously sour and fresh with nuances---hands down pick of that event.

#啤酒天堂能吸引啤迷提前好几天到这个城市的主要诱因是整个星期的不同酿坊占领啤酒泵/新酒推介/品酒会活动,比如在WARPIGS酿吧进行的美国人气酿坊BOTTLE LOGIC小型占领啤酒泵活动,意外的是这次BL并没有推出受几款最受追捧黑啤。以当天的一瓶高评分黑啤RED EYE NOVEMBER来说,放一旁回温後波本桶影响和酒精味依然明显,个人觉得并不出色。不过,没期待下喝的两款不同德式水果酸啤则又酸又鲜简直太好喝,其中BERLINER EQUATION WITH CHERRY酸中带微甜,MUSCLE & MAYHEM酸爽中有椰味和黄梨,以黑啤受人追捧的BOTTLE LOGIC酸啤酿的这么高水平还真是意外惊喜。
Beer searching @Himmeriget
This is a place known to many geeks as The place to sip on that seemingly elusive blueberry lambic by Cantillon---but it's a place much more than just Blabaer--the bottle list with varieties of styles available to drink on site is impressive---we were there more than once--and obviously found some really tasty, godly ones---as well as missing out on some.
Among others(lots of fresh neipas for the week) ---some of what was found/tasted either from bottles or on tap includes :-
Evil Twins Michigan Maple Jesus
Side Project Pulling Nails
Jackie O's Bourbon Barrel Oro Negro
Jester's King Spon series Peach & Appricot, Blended Sour 2016. Fentao Blend 4, Atrial Rubicite Blend 7, Montmorency vs Balaton Blend 4
Westbrook Gose
Cantillon Iris 2013- Nath 2017-Blabaer 2016
3 Fonteinen Hommage
some really tasty treats/ hard to find ones up there which we thoroughly enjoyed --but we did managed to find a really special one---and a Special mentioning needed for this one:-
3 Fonteinen Zenne Y Frontera---what a heavenly treat--the complexity--the layering--the balance---this one go straight up to TOP 3 Lambic ever tasted so far(well---not that i have had that many opportunities to taste that many different lambics living here in craft desert).
As for some that got away for some reasons at that time(pricing and so on) were:-
Westbrook Mexican Cake Reserve
Westbrook Mexican Cake Double Chocolate Bourbon BA
Side Project Derivation(plus a BA version and collab version--Appervation with Jackie O's)
HIMMERIGET2016年开业以来,是不少啤迷心目中哥本哈根必到啤点,除了因为有机会喝到比利时大师级天然发酵果酸啤酒酿坊CANTILLON为这家酒吧每年特酿的蓝莓酸啤,也因为瓶子清单中有相当多比利时和美国酿坊酸啤/黑啤类别难寻佳酿。到城里的第一天我们下午就去了,除了因为有啤酒泵版本的美国酿坊JESTER KING四款佳酿,更重要的是因为知道瓶子清单内肯定找得到非一般美味选择。

当天从瓶子清单中选了几款包括EVIL TWINMICHIGAN MAPLE JESUS黑啤,JESTER KING SPON系列的PEACH & APRICOT,也找到美国酿坊SIDE PROJECT出名难寻酸啤PULLING NAILS等高水平作品分享,不过,要说当天最让人一入口就难忘的一支肯定非比利时酸啤宗师3 FONTEINEN酿坊的ZENNE Y FRONTERA莫属,是美味层次让人惊叹的LAMBIC作品,也是个人至今喝过最佳酸啤三甲之一。
Lambic/beers sipping @Koelschip  +Mikkeller & Friends
Also been hanging out here a few times during the week---firstly because there's Bokkereyder bottles to be opened---and of course there's many other choices--and Mikkeller & Friends is just next door--so plenty of different styles choices if that's what you need.
When we hit Koelschip--there's mini tap takeover by Jester King with Spon series on tap---also few sessions of pre-sold out Bokkereyder tasting events going on for those who bought a ticket.
had a few bottles/on tap beers here during 2 visits--among others:-
Jester King Spon series #1-5
Side Project Tete de Cuvee 2015
Bokkereyder Perzik 2015-Pjassel 2017-Zommersaison2017--Wijngaard Melange 2016
一周内在这三家都喝到好些高水平酸啤,比如第二次去HIMMIRIGET喝的美国酿坊著名德式酸咸啤WESTBROOK GOSE,比利时3 FONTEINEN致敬作品HOMMAGE,啤酒泵版本的CANTILLON IRIS 2013。也去了另一家城中最新(主攻)酸啤吧1420(去之前两天还在装修赶开业),有手拉式啤酒泵(酒体口感更顺滑)啤酒供应,喝了几款包括手拉的CANTILLON 当然也不会不去KOELSCHIP喝些BOKKEREYDER不同风味瓶子,例如使用比利时著名SAISON 酿坊FANTOME酿品玩变奏的ZOMERSAISONMELANGE(不同桶陈)版本WIJNGAARD等等。

每年当哥本哈根变身啤酒天堂那一周是身处CRAFT BEER沙漠的我们几个本地啤迷(其实也是不少亚洲其他城市啤迷朋友)的期盼和“救赎”,在天堂一周所能喝到的佳酿足以让人回味许久,虽不能抵一年之渴,但绝对能提升啤迷味蕾鉴赏力和眼界,实际上,只有喝过非常高水平作品才能体会什么是不同美味层次境界,而这些都不是看书看酒评或听人说能真正理解的,只有亲身体会,才能领会个中奥妙。
The best part about hanging around Koelschip is that there's Mikkeller & Friends just next door for non-lambic related styles choices---there's some tasty neipas, stouts and much more if that's your cup of beer---and i did found one of the best stouts of the week during the mini tap takeover by The Veil--Frederiksdal cherry wine barrel aged Sleeping Forever on the last evening of drinking before leaving beer heaven.
Tap takeover by Other Half/FinBack/Kane & Modern Times & J.Wakefield @MikkellerViktoriagade
Held on different days---these are obviously a treat regardless if you love NEIPAs or big stouts---this is one place that's almost like a base camp to report to whenever we hit town during MBCC week regardless if there's an event going on or otherwise---obviously we were here a few times---did not open any bottles here since there's already plenty to choose from the tap but was given 2 opened bottles--a Side Project Merci and Mikkeller George vs Brian Calvados BA courtesy of a total stranger one evening..:) 
Chilling at Fermentoren
This place can be very chill sitting inside when it's not busy which was the case when we visited as most people were taking advantage of the surprisingly hot weather during that week in Copenhagen by sitting outside--the tap selection is always decent to say the least--there's bottle selections too but we were basically chilling at that time of visit so that's that.
1420--bar with no clear signage
1420 was still rushing to get ready during the few few days of the week---think we visited on a Wednesday (or was it Thursday) to this newest addition to the CPH bar scene--for the uninitiated--this is a bar focusing on most thing Belgium--obviously including Lambic. There's a few Cantillon on tap when visited--with hand pumps version available. Of course there's bottle list too---only thing about this place if you are visiting for the first time like we did--if you are walking on the opposite side of the street and don't look hard enough--you could miss out the bar easily since the signature was hand written on  a piece of wooden door laying on the side of entrance--no sight of a bar except for some people who were standing outside drinking/chatting/smoking.... :)

To sum it up a week in beer heaven is perhaps a little short but for any beer geeks who yet to visit Copenhagen during that crazy week--you should do it at least once--it's different hearing from anyone about their experiences at the beer heaven--the best way is to experience it yourself--only then you will know what it's like being there for the week.

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