Sunday, June 15, 2014

WEEK 11-local craft movers---Ales & Lagers

延续上期本地撞意啤酒文化推手介绍,这期跟小小瓶子专卖店ALES & LAGERS 聊聊。




This week we talk to Ales & Lagers, the only craft beer dedicated bottle shop in town(it kind of felt like treasure hunting for those who try to find the tiny shop "hidden" within the row of shop lots linked to Publika mall)

Here's the main content of this week's column:-

"I think we Malaysians don't know much about taste, we always brag about our food but not many can describe what they like( when it comes to beer selection), due to the dominance of commercial beers which don't have much taste"

This is the word of Kennhyn Ang, owner of ales & lagers.

And this is the challenge facing many cities where craft revolution is taking place, Kl is no exception.

In contrast is the passion for food where we locals would drive a long way out just for a meal or two, but when it comes to beer selection, it's almost non-existent, people are very happy with a cold glass of any beer so long it's cheap, and better still if the place is "happening".( drinking beers is about different taste & selection? never heard of it...)
As well not surprisingly, the other challenges facing the local craft scene is price factor and brand recognition issues where the big boys been pushing so hard on marketing and branding for all those commercial beers which sort of drown out the senses of many who thought the world is beer is only such...

The growth of Ales & Lagers during the last one year plus has proven that all is not lost, according to Kennhyn "there are many locals who know their beers and would happily pay good money for good beers which they perceived as more value for money"

One of the observations from him is that "female drinkers are more adventurous compared to guys as they are more willing to try new beers as guys would mostly go for higher abv"

As for communicating with new craft drinkers, Kennhyn is of the opinion of "sometimes the less said the better, just pick up the beer and drink..."(his favorite line---don't think too much)

for those who somehow reluctant to try new things? " i  won't try to convince them, maybe just sharing some beers...:)

In a nut shell, maybe this is what spreading the love for craft beer is needed...the simple act of sharing & drinking.

Don't think too much....

NEXT WEEK--brief intro to Black liquid

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