Sunday, June 22, 2014

WEEK 12- STOUT is not the only BLACK

一说到“黑啤”,有常去咖啡店的,大概都会看到很多人在喝 “黑狗”。



AS the title suggested, this week's column is about black beer.

From a local point of view, the term "black beer" has always and only been associated with a big factory beer that is the most popular drinks at coffee shop, as well at some bars.

In reality, that is not the whole truth.

This week's column is a brief intro about what other "black beers" are available, in particular locally here in KL..

"In the world of craft beer---black beer can be in the form of a stout, a porter, an imperial stout---or a black IPA, dunkel German beer, Belgium strong dark ale...but we shall keep it simple and just talk about STOUT, PORTER & IMPERIAL STOUT( also referred to as Russian Imperial Stout due to historical reasons)

"A stout, porter, imperial stout would mostly have roasted malt, dark chocolate, coffee influenced as "base", but then the variations from there on can be so out of this world with so so many different taste..."
"Of the many many different taste a stout, a porter or an imperial stout can produce----peppery, chili, vanilla, bread, smoked salmon, salted bacon, soy sauce, vinegar, nut, pine, various types of vegetables & fruits....not to mentioned those more complex beers that went through the process of whiskey/bourbon/wine barrel/cask aging"

"Be it black beers from Europe, US, New Zealand or Japan, we have some nice selections here in KL...including bottles and on just go out there and find something that suit your taste"

NEXT WEEK---TO OL & chit chat with Tobias Emil Jensen

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