Sunday, August 10, 2014

WEEK 19--Beers from the land of 'QI YI"


The word "QI YI" (奇异)in Mandarin means "peculiar/strange"( it can be used in a good way).

and so ( you may have guessed it)--the Chinese word for Kiwi Fruit is 奇异果(QI YI GUO--the last Chinese character is 'fruit/s")

Of course we are not here to talk about fruits--but Kiwi brews.

Some good selection of NZ beers are available here in KL since few months ago, mostly the 3 brands mentioned in this week's newspaper column appearing either on tap or bottles.

here's a summary of this week's column"-
 "Yeastie Boys:-
Gunnamatta --if you like tea--especially Earl Grey--this is one beer that blend in the hops & tea aroma in a nice way. There's an old Chinese saying of " YI CHA DAI JIU"(以茶代酒--using Tea as replacement drink for wine to greet guests)--with this twist--is it just nice to drink tea in a beer now?
Rex Attitude--if you like peat/smoke--and prefer a light body beer--this is a peculiar but nice one.

"8 wired--probably most people know the brand from various IPA bottles they have--but this week we talk about Porter/Stout"
I-Stout--what struck me was the hint of salt at the end--interesting.
The Big Smoke--mouth feel & smell says "smoked salmon" besides dark chocolate/coffee that's usually associated with porter/stout.

"For a barley wine which tend to be "thicker"--Tribute is balance and very drinkable"

"M.P.A. is a double ipa-- it is really hoppy for a NZ brew"
" there's many other NZ brews be it from the 3 mentioned or some other NZ brewers--one thing is for sure---when counting NZ specialties/delicacies--it would certainly be more than just Kiwi fruits & wine...."


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