Sunday, August 24, 2014

WEEK 21--BARLEY(is not) WINE--Eisbock(got no) ICE




一起尝味的撞意啤酒朋友中,有人特爱BARLEY WINE和EISBOCK,有的则不爱,也不太能受得起尝味之后的酒精作用

Drinking beer is the same as eating, it's all about personal choices, some people like it thicker, some people like it lighter..

When it comes to "heavier" beers like Barley Wine( of course it is still 100% beer--despite the name having the "wine" word)--and also Eisbock---both are known for more intense taste, thicker body and higher abv(generally speaking).

Here in KL, the available choices for Barley Wine is a lot more than Eisbock.
"the name barley wine came about with some history---that the Brits have to brew something high in alcohol to try and replace wine due to war with the French---also--that the word "wine" were used in those days to indicate High Alcohol"

"if you check both or beeradvocate, the top 50 barley wine are mostly beers with more than 10% abv.."
"according to beeradvocate--there's English style & American style barley wine---but the deciding factors on final outcome of the beer depends on personal preference of a particular brewer--how thick, how intense, how much abv,,."
"If you are a believer/strict follower of "charts"---then you might like Aventinus which is rated as no.1 Eisbock on"

NEXT WEEK--chit chat with KJETIL(NOGNE)

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