Friday, October 31, 2014

"SAVING THE WORLD"---1 year AFTER--from Rochefort 8 to FFF


那时候PO了一瓶自己蛮喜欢的ROCHEFORT 8,写了开场白。

最初只想写个完全以中文为主的BLOG,因为每次去CRAFT BEER BAR 总是看到洋人饮客/朋友居多,就有点想 “拯救世界”的--觉得是不是可以开一个随意聊撞意啤酒的中文BLOG,或许这样可以有点帮助到本地CRAFT BEER文化的散播。。

就那样,从随意聊到可以在“光明日报”星期刊写点东西分享,这个月算是部落客的一周年,上星期刚好碰上曼谷“米吧”的THREE FLOYDS TAP TAKE OVER---就当作是这个BLOG的周年庆,冲着第一次在亚洲上了啤酒泵的FFF喝去了。。算是小小庆祝BLOG点阅率在10月过了1万。



Last year this month, the thought of writing something for the Chinese speaking/reading drinkers creep in.

Looking back it was a bit of a laughable notion of trying to "save the world"---you know, when you walk in a craft beer bar full of expats/tourists and very few locals--the feeling of maybe you could do something to spread the love of craft beer via your language kinda got this blog started....:)

So obviously the plan of doing a 100% Chinese writing did not go to plan---as the thought of trying to connect to friends/people who don't read Chinese---and so "double work" of having a English version as well---which probably is a good thing---at least brewers can see if what they have said been distorted or misquoted or not...
Last Oct--a bottle of Rochefort 8 started this blog---this time--since it kind of coincide in the same month-- this blog celebrated "saving the world" by going to Bangkok for FFF tap take over at Mikkeller Bar BKK...kind of celebrating blog has surpassed 10,000 hit early this month organically...

1 year has passed since the blog started--the world looks pretty much the same--craft beer movement in south east asia is still very much in the starting stage, moving forward slowly...
"saving the world" mission is far from being accomplished--so people, let's help to spread more love to those who are still very blur about what the hell craft beer is/are/what/where/how/why......

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