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Been away for a while---there's been two prior articles published in the newspaper column--week49/50---since i have yet to collect the old newspaper---this week let's jump to week 51.

here we go:-
Q: what is craft beer?
A: in Mandarin--craft beer is "translated" as "jing-niang"(fine-brew), "shou-gong"( hand-crafted) or as i called it "zhuang-yi"( clash of ideas) .
Craft beer started because someone was bored with what the big factory beers were offering a long while ago---hence decided to try brewing beers he/she/they like---and when those home-brew started going to the public for sale---that's the beginning of craft beer revolution

Q: so--only home brew is considered craft beer?
A: NOPE. when home brew first started long ago, a lot of now very successful or famous craft brewers started from home brew--but technology is there to provide certain help as we move along--for examples bottling of beers can be done by machine rather than packing them one by one....and  of course when you start selling you need a proper brewery to cope with demands....
Q: what's the definition of craft beer?
A: quite a few characteristics--craft brewers emphasis a lot on taste profile--unlike big factory beers with one single product or very few variants and spending big bucks on advertising campaign. Of course the other key point about craft beer is the seemingly endless varieties of  beer styles and choices.
OR--you could just check the official definition by the American Brewers association.

craft beer是什么?
会有CRAFT BEER是因为多年前有人觉得市场上只有单调口味大厂啤酒,觉得啤酒不应该只是这么无趣,所以自己动手酿造心目中喜欢的啤酒类型/风格。当自酿慢慢受欢迎,开始向外公开卖的时候,撞意啤酒文化逐步成形。
十多年前当自酿盛行时,很多近年很出名很成功的酿酒师或品牌都是从自家酿开始。发展到最近十年,很多酿坊都很现代化, 就算保持传统酿法的也会利用科技设备。比如说以前家里酿是每一瓶啤酒都手装,现在用装瓶机器替代。

基本有几个特点,比如酿坊酿酒师注重啤酒口味变化,不会像大厂啤酒那样产品划一,注重花大钱打广告。当然,非常多不同类别风格啤酒选择是CRAFT BEER 另一大特色。
Q: meaning a beer with the term "craft beer" surely taste good?
A: NOPE.  just like dining in a restaurant--there will be some very good ones--some average ones--some bad ones---same goes for craft beer.
Though beer is about personal taste--with such varieties.choices available--one is sure to find more than 3, 4, 5 beers that you will surely enjoy.

Q: how do i start? where do i begin?
A: use the MINUS OUT method. just like food--there's different taste profile to beers--just MINUS OUT the taste that you usually dislike in food---if you don't like sour--don't start with lambic--if you don't like coffee--don't start with a coffee porter or stout....
The main point about craft beer is --it's a sort of palate training process--once your palate goes through different beer styles/taste profile---you will starts to appreciate/enjoy a lot more different beers.....
Q: Newbie have to start drinking from the most easy beer?
A: Many people would say yes--that's the way--starts from pilsner--pale ale--ipa--and move on to porter/stout...
However--beer is just like food--if you were to start from something 'heavier" from the starts--and you love it--it taste good for your palate---then why not?

啤酒也是。个人口味会决定你喜不喜欢某一支啤酒。重点是CRAFT BEER 有太多不同类别风格选择,每个人一定会找到自己喜欢的啤酒,而且肯定不止三五支。
如果日常生活中不喜欢吃什么味道的食物,就先从啤酒类别风格中移除,先喝自己喜欢,能接受的口味是不错的开始。喝CRAFT BEER是需要味蕾逐步接受不同味道刺激的过程,累积下来的不同尝味经验会提高鉴赏力。

比如说从pilsnerlagerpale ale开始,然后逐步尝试IPAPORTER, STOUT之类的。
Q: can I determine a beer by it's color?( that it's easy or complex?
A: NOPE. with big factory beers--things are very straight forward--golden is light beer---dark is "heavy" beer----NOT with craft beer.
in craft beer the color of a beer certainly is not the only factors that would determine the depth/complexity...

Q: seems IPA is in trend recently in KL, what is that?
A: IPA is India Pale Ale in full---so named because of  British colonial era historical reason( or so it seems)---the beer is not invented by Indian--nor brewed in India.
Basic idea is --if you drink tea with 1 tea bag---try doing it with 3,4 or 5 tea bag with same amount of water....:) ( of course IPA is not only about bitter--the taste profile is much more than just that)
If you go straight from big factory lager to IPA--that's going to be a fun ride for your palate....
Q: Can i find some craft beer in supermarket in and around KL?
A: YES--but very very limited choices and very few places only.
Currently there's still a distinct lack of craft beer places in and around KL if we were to compare with other cities around us--but still--compare to 3 years ago--KL craft beer scene has improved quite a lot ....

india pale ale的简称。中文是印度淡啤。 跟印度扯上关系是因为很久以前英国殖民地时期的历史原因。这类型啤酒不是在印度酿,也不是印度人发明的。
在美国非常盛行,基本概念可以想象成把一般人喝的一杯茶加上三四五个茶包。IPA是把pale ale加上大量啤酒花,利用酒花甘香苦味酿出比pale ale口味更强,更浓郁的金黄色啤酒。

别只是上网或看书,喝CRAFT BEER或者说认识撞意啤酒最好的方式还是拿起杯子喝这个简单动作。今天就开始选一瓶吧。
Tasting is the best way to start
don't just read online or buy books---best way to start with craft beer is the simple action of lifting a cup filled with craft beer of your choice....that's the way to go.... 

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