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来自日本的YUTO SAN,是酿酒师,也是饮客,工余时间有时会去借用别人酿坊酿制自己啤酒。  
and so the the List continues with another friend from Japan--Yuto san is a gypsy brewer that does small batch, limited brew during his spare time, this is his list of memorable beers in his OWN words:-(  photos courtesy of Yuto San)
Russian River  Supplication 7%
Drinking in super fresh condition.
At that time I realised "It's really few but there're beers we could say perfect.".
Hyllie Bryggeri Saison with elder flower ??%
What I expecting for beers are "exploring around the world of taste" & connecting me to all of the people who loves beers.
This beer came from all the way from Sweden, hand carried by cool brewer.
Easy to drink and so refresging. Best for dampy hot summer in Japan.
Monk's Cafe blend no.6 Superior Blend 10%
Blending of Monks Dadelbarley Oakwood Edition & Struise Black Albert.
What I want to try next year is blending my beer with some other drinks & age it.
Anyway, I've heard about such beer blending (not Gueze) in America BUT SWEDEN ALREADY DID.
A blend of Brewski Mango feber DIPA 8% & Ananas feber APA 5%
Blending mango DIPA & pineapple APA. Why not? Just tropic feberable like guys of Brewski.
Mikkeller sur munk sour quad 9.99%
One of my best beer from Mikkeller.
I felt this is truly connected traditions & modern.
It was lucky I had this two times in my life.
SADROBOT Agrajag cherry sour ale 6.4%
A good sweet sour for the evening after brewing with SADROBOT.
OSAHRE ÖL / Kapusta brewing KAJITSU-SHU  Sake inspired sour brett saison with Yuzu 9.8%
Yes, as you guess from style of this beer, this is craziest beer I had in 2015.
Taste like full of sake, very dried up lambic & yuzu came after...
Me & Christian Kapusta wondered we can call it a beer.
So we call this KAJITSU-SHU (a liquar of fruits).
From Dijon, France. Very first beer from new brewery. Accidently I could have it but this is well balanced. Felt craft is raising in everywhere.
Põhjala / Boneyard Baltic Notorious IPA3 12%
My next interests are beers of Estonia&Lithuania.
This was my first Estonian beer (though a collaborated beer).
This beer made me more into Estnia&Lithuania.
来自爱沙尼亚的啤酒, 这第一次发现让YUTO对爱沙尼亚和立陶宛的啤酒更有好奇心。
Cantillon Blåbær Lambik 5%
Though I still keep the bottles not opened.
These are special for me.
I'm gonna try to get 2016& more...
Please feel free to come my Blåbær party someday.
ALL IN BREWING your lips tate like yuzu & sudachi 4%
A Berliner weisse with Japanese fruit yuzu&sudachi.
A gift from the guy of brewery. I was shocked when I checked this beer on some websites.
Everyone writes “Aroma is grapefruit” “Orange” blablabla...
Do you guys really understand yuzu or sedachi?
This is it.
用日本柚和香酸橘子酿造的德国风格酸啤酒, 是酿坊朋友送的瓶子。
LAZY KITTY brewing Berliner weisse with raspberry & pomegranate
A guy of LAZY KITTY , Henrik & me met once a month this year... And he can speak Japanese so well. Is he really living in Malmö?
Okay, anyway, this beer is amazing.

And, like almost of this list, beers from friends means special&memorable for me.
来自北欧, 用莓子和石榴酿造的德国风格酸啤酒, 对YUTO来说,来自朋友的酿品就是记忆鲜明的啤酒。

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