Sunday, January 31, 2016


It's been quite a while the newspaper column started--perhaps time to get back to basics :-
What's the idea of CRAFT BEER?
-some basic ideas:-
*NOT all beers should be drank COLD( yeah--some beers would taste better after "warming up"--styles like stouts/porter/barley wine/Belgian strong ale...)
*Some beers can be kept--or cellar--just like wine or whisky....
*Beers are being chased/traded/buy & sell privately--sometimes at a certain premium/high prices---kinda like wine or whisky collector's market
-these are something most people never expected of beers--if all you have known about beer is only big factory commercial beers....
-一些啤酒类别比如STOUTS,比如PORTER,比如BARLEY WINE,要等回温,比较不是那么冷了才好喝,才能体现更多不同层次/口感。(不是所有啤酒都一定要冷飕飕喝的)
SO...what is CRAFT BEER?
It's the beautiful real beer world you never knew existed.
Time to wake up your senses and starts searching for some delicious beers...
无论是港台大陆惯用的手工啤酒,精酿啤酒,自酿啤酒,又或是本栏的“撞意啤酒” 很多消费者不懂,听都没听过,印象中,啤酒只是啤酒,没有什么千变万化,种类繁多的概念。(撞意啤酒?---不同想法念头通过食材原料在酿造过程碰撞出来的啤酒)
WHERE can i buy Craft Beer?
well--if you are staying in major cities in Asia--then this is probably less of a problem--though you still do not expect to just buy craft beer from your nearest convenience stores -but if you live in Malaysia and NOT in KL(there's only 3 bottle shop+3 bars as of now)--then you might have problem finding craft beer.
BUT hey--this is the era of click and buy--just go on to WWW--you would be able to find something from the web-shop be it in and around Asia or Europe/US....
HOW to drink?
Craft beer sounds complicated---there's so many different styles you saying? what is IPA?( made in India?)--what is Lambic?...
Well--the best way is just go to a bar/bottle shop--taste a few different styles of beers--slowly--over a period of time if you are drinking alone--it's fine--but if you have a few friends--even better--just share the beers--talk about them--share what you think...that's how you start....
听起来看起来,CRAFTBEER好像有点复杂,什么PALE ALE,什么IPA,什么LAMNIC,单单听说有那么多不同选择就让人头晕目眩。
Craft is NOT for GULPING
It's "common concept" for many NON-Craft drinkers to think that anything alcoholic is only serving 1 purpose--to get high or to get Drunk.
This is NOT something associated with Craft Beer( ok--craft beer is still alcoholic--and many with much higher ABV than the usual commercial beers)--well--if you have tasted some heavier craft beer--you would know that the beer itself would make you SLOW SIP naturally rather than just gulp it down....
In simple term--craft beer is more for tasting/slowly appreciating--not to get wasted( although we all do occasionally..)--and there's actually a certain way of drinking that would kinda reduce greatly your chances of falling flat on ground due to alcoholic punches...
WHAT do you mean by that?
-one of the best way to make sure you would get drunk pretty fast is to start drinking on EMPTY STOMACH(no food prior to drinking session)--you DO NOT want to do that.
-another way of reducing alcoholic punches?--SHARE the beers--or Drink Less Taste More--sharing with friends or even total strangers you have just met in a bar is always good...end of the day craft beer is about tasting and sharing...

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