Friday, May 20, 2016

SIGHTING CBC2016--awesome beers & nice people

While waiting for the newspaper column about Copenhagen Beer Week publishing this coming's a little photo story of CBC 2016--just some random pics taken while strolling the hall with a glass in hand/or backpack...see if you are here:-

new venue--same excitement 
long line of people before 10am local time--but it's worth the little wait..ONCE inside--that's beer heaven opening up....
There's 2 session per day--so you basically have 4-5 hours to drink all you want if you only in for 1 session--10 hours if you are on PINK ticket( all session)
The question would always be--how do you plan your drinks? do you go with the flow as you walk, or have a list ready in hand and stick to it, or have a few drinking partners to share the load? ...
of course there's always those who came fully prepared--especially those who are very active user of ratebeer-untappd-beer advocates
there's not just beers--if you fancy a tattoo--you can get it right here, or if you need some food--coffee--even do some shopping--or simply sit and chill with old or new found friends--take a break from beers--that option is available

but if beer is all you be it...there's just too many to choose from

More beers perhaps?
It's been 2 days full of awesome beers--and nice people around--if you love awesome beers, and nice people--maybe you should starts planning for some CBC awesomeness come next year.....

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