Monday, March 19, 2018

WEEK 126---Drink Craft Chat Beer

Someone asked recently "what's so interesting about craft beer?"--while the answer could be different for everyone, mine was faily simple --" choices--it's about the varieties of beer styles choices".

The vast varieties/choices available also meaning some geeks( if not all geeks) would somehow have a tasting group/buddies of their own since that's the best way to share the load/drink lesser quantity but taste more. No exception here in KL for myself and the tasting group guys---though unlike some geeks who prefer/like to do vertical tasting of the same breweries same style but of different bottling dates/years/variants--we are very much the group preferring to do different styles/varieties in a single sharing session for the pure pleasure of varying taste profile/twist and turn different brewing ideas could bring.
有新朋友问,Craft Beer的吸引力是什么?或许不同人会有不同答案,个人的答案很简单,选择,很多不同风格类别啤酒选择
Here's some randomly selected bottles of different styles beer/hard cider shared during the past few months here in KL:-
Baladin Xyauyu Barley Wine
For the uninitiated--though there's that "wine" word--this is 100% a beer--generally a higher alcohol content/more intense/sweeter beer.
This one is quite nice after the beer warm up--the dark fruits/caramel coming out is obvious/delicious--in a small way it felt like sipping a beer that's a little similar to something in between a very light pot wine/red wine.
虽然酒款名称英文字眼中有Wine ,这绝对是不折不扣的啤酒,一般来说是酒体比较浓郁,口感比较倾向甜味的高酒精度啤酒类别。

B.Nektar Zombie Killer
Most people know what a BEER is--some would know what a cider is--but not that many would know what's a hard cider (much more than just fermented apple juice)--or say a session or heavier mead( fermented with honey but much much more than just honey sweet).
This hard cider is a really nice one suitable either as opening/mid way through or end of session drink during a tasting/sharing session--it's refreshing/layered/never dull--very drinkable--the honey and cherries added certainly turned this apple cider into something whole lot more interesting/tasty.
一般来说,大家知道什么是BEER,也有些人知道什么是Cider(苹果酒),不过说到Hard Cider(不止苹果那么简单) Mead(蜜糖发酵多变化多口味蜜酒) 就不是那么多人知道是什么。
这是款高水准的Hard Cider,,加入蜜糖和樱桃果汁将苹果酒华丽转变为层次分明的清爽易喝轻度水果蜜酒,在品酒会中,这支可以是开场,中场或终场都适合喝的一支。

New Glarus Serendipity
This is one fruit beer not commonly available in Asia--if you are curious about how fruits would taste in a beer form--go find some of their fruits based beers--they are really good at this game.
Had this not too long ago and still remember the first thing that came striking the nose was this very obvious raw apricot kernel like smell--and that's a smell/taste i'm not fond of personally speaking--took a while to get used to but apart from that the beer is tasting fine--NOTE---the beer did not use any apricot kernel/almond--only apples/cranberries & cherries were added--to call it a lovely light sweet sour/tart fruits punch in a beer is quite an understatement.

Three Floyd's Dark Lord
for those who know--this is one beer needing no introduction--for the uninitiated--it's one of the few Big stouts around with a dedicated annual event day where people would need to buy tickets in advance to go in --much like going to a rock concert.
OK--this maybe deemed a "has been" beer by some--some even jokingly calling it a "diabetic" beer--whatever it is--this has been our group's Xmas beer for the past 3 years--be it drinking it as it is--or last year's Triple Vanilla Ice-Cream Float or the year before last's french press with roasted coconut version--this is still a stout worth it's salt no matter how many other big stout/bigger stouts has since emerged.  

Upright Flora Rustica
Saison can be something a little confusing at times--it would seems everyone has got their own interpretation of what a saison might taste like--including brewers who would have own vision/version of how a certain saison might become.
Personally--i prefer a saison to be:-
1/ low abv--likely  3-6%
2/ not just easy drinking but with some layering/body
3/ balance/nothing decidedly sour or bitter or too fizzy( just saying)
This one from Upright is quite nice--the intention was clear to see--the use of flower&yarrow gave it a certain plants influenced aroma blending nicely with the malt/yeast/hops used.
到了Craft世界中,虽然不同酿坊对什么是农场风格啤酒有各自的诠释,也有一些喝起来四不像的版本出现,不过,酿得好的农场风格啤酒基本少不了三大要数,其一低酒精度,基本不超过4-5% 其二清爽易喝中带一定程度层次感,其三酒体味道体现高均衡度,不会有过酸或过苦现象。

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