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Beer List 13/14---by Kyle

The final part of beer list 13/14 is by a new friend to KL, Kyle is from US where craft beer is booming. Kyle has been in town for less than a year, hence his list is naturally full of beers from his homeland, which in a way is interesting to note though many are still yet to make it to our local beer scene.

这是他的2013CRAFT BEER LIST。免不了的都是在本地暂时没能找到的美国啤酒。
KYLELIST比较倾向口味比较重的咖啡,巧克力,烤麦,威士忌浸泡酿制类的黑啤酒。以下是他的2013/14 BEER LIST

Kyle, is a world traveler, finds himself in Asia for work, trying to savor the craft beers he's come to love over the last few years in the US. So much so that he now also brews the hoppy IPAs and the deep dark stouts he enjoys so much.

Kyle has written his list "beer advocate style" with personal tasting notes on some beers, here's the basic guide :-
a:- appearance(卖相)
s:- smell(嗅觉)
t:- taste(初味道)
m:-mouth feel(口感)
0:- overall(整体感)

In his own word, here‘s Kyle's list:-

Lagunitas Sucks 
a: floral orange with white head that fades quickly
s: strong tropical fruit notes (pineapple, papaya, citrus)
t: balanced citrus bitterness with almost no malt character
m: medium bodied with good carbonation
o: an incredible beer that is absolutely perfect for hop heads like me! even better than last year's seasonal release.

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout Proprietors

a: dark black with some murky brown notes coming from the bottom. small finger beige head that fades rather quickly and leaves some bubbles on top
s: milk chocolate, small hint of coconut. bournon.  surprisingly few notes of roast.
t: like almond joy's candy - strong chocolate notes with coconut both on the front and back notes. bourbon helps to cut the sweetness and carries the flavors throughout the tasting
m: rich, silky mouthfeel
o: THE standout beer of 2013.  it really does taste like a candy bar with hints of bourbon.  a perfectly balanced stout.
Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout Coffee
a: dark black that covers the glass.  no light penetration throughout. light beige head quickly fades into the darkness
s: roasted coffee.  some light bourbon notes.
t: incredibly rich coffee flavor.  pleasant bitterness that comes quickly on the front notes.  bourbon on the back notes as the beer fades from the mouth.  roastiness is played up well paired with the coffee
m: rich, silky mouthfeel

o: like BCBS proprieter's, the coffee is the perfect example for a bourbon-barrel aged beer.  excellent coffee flavor throughout that does not overwhelm.

Toppling Goliath Morning Delight
a: black dark goodness with a brown head that fades into thick bubbled lacing quickly after pouring
s: roasted coffee.  sweetness from the bourbon and from the maple.
t: where BCBC coffee has the roastiness from the coffee, TG MD has the sweetness from the bourbon come through first - pairing with the coffee in a very flavourful, boozy way.  Maple syrup adds intense sweetness also that carries throughout the tasting experience.
m: very thick body, very little carbonation likely due to the barrel aging
o: depending on what you are in the mood for, TG MD packs a coffee punch that is not really balanced with the sweetness but it makes for an incredibly rich experience.  took me nearly an hour to drink the 12 oz pour!

Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout
a: black dark goodness with a brown head that fades into thick bubbled lacing quickly after pouring
s: bourbon.  very little roast notes.
t: incredible bourbon that pairs nicely with the dark roast notes that come through on the tongue after the first few sips.  very boozy but without an alcohol burn.
m: thick body with little carbonation.  drink this one s-l-o-w!

o: a great beer.  one of my whales of 2013.  well worth standing in line for 3 hours to obtain.  the beer is going to age even better, so i can't wait to taste it in a year or more.  the bourbon will likely become even more sweet over time as the roast notes fade.  truly incredible beer!  

to be continued.....

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