Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let's go BANGKOK....“米吧”来了。。。

我们都喜欢曼谷,去的理由也大同小异,虽然现在说去曼谷有点“危险”,不过,这个月29号开始,所有喜欢CRAFT BEER的朋友可以很大声的说,这是全亚洲唯一的MIKKELLER BAR。

是的,来自丹麦魔术师的MIKELLER BAR选在曼谷开。这是全球现有三家“米吧”之外的最新一家。(哥本哈根有2家,三藩市有1家)。



i know i know, this does not sound very responsible to say this moment in time given what's going on in some parts of Bangkok...

most of us do like travelling to Bkk for all sorts of reasons, mainly to satisfy the occasional cravings for shopping, massage, food, nightlife or to pray to four faced buddha, or simply do nothing..

well, come 29 Jan 2014, add this definitive reason to visit Bkk---the one and only Mikkeller Bar in Asia is opening in Bkk. Yup, that's right, the first and only in the whole of Asia, where another only one out of Copenhagen is in San Francisco.
with 30 taps, where there's not only Mikeller on taps but also other brewer's good work, expect lots of different bottles available for selection as well...

let's invade the candy store...(perhaps fashion with bullet proof vase and a helmet while sipping your beer?)

for more info do visit the FB page :- 

we say sawadikap Bkk.

#all photos taken from mikkeller bkk's fb page.

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