Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013/14 Beer List---by Alvin

The 4th friend to share with us his beer list 13/14 is Alvin.

Alvin is one of 5 founding members of Taps beer bar KL, by far the only dedicated craft beer bar in KL with many beers both on taps and bottles. A marathon runner, this guy don't seem to have any beer belly, but don't be fooled, Alvin certainly has had many beers passed through the system than any average drinkers would have.

#第四位分享13/14尝味心得的是本地人,ALVIN是吉隆坡至今唯一一家全CRAFT BEER专卖酒吧的5位创办人之一。也是马拉松选手的他可说完全没有啤酒肚,外表一点也看不出来是赏味过很多佳酿的品酒人。以下是他的分享.

Telling us in his own words, here's the list from Alvin:-

An India Pale Ale (IPA) that I wouldn’t mind drinking every day.

Yeastie Boys (New Zealand) - Gunnamatta IPA

Gunnamatta IPA brewed with Earl Grey tea. This beer was an experimental beer which The Yeastie Boys brewed for a beer event in Australia and the 1st time I had this was a year and a half ago. The Gunnamatta IPA would definitely be my first order at a bar if they have it. It has that light citrus aroma that all IPA’s would but when it hits the tongue there’s this sudden tea taste with abit of hoppiness at the end coupled with the dry finish that a cup of tea would give you.
#这是少有的来自纽西兰,ALVIN不介意每天喝的EARL GREY茶叶风味IPA。

A Porter or Stout that I wouldn’t mind drinking every day.

TO OL Brewery (Denmark) – Black Ball Porter

Easily one of the nicest and most well rounded porters that I’ve come across. Roasted malts and a good balance between the caramel, chocolate malts with a hoppy ending. The brewery insists that this is a hoppy porter not a black IPA. At 7.1% this is definitelya nice porter to finish off a night. A porter that I would drink as my last drink before crawling into bed.

An Imperial Stout that I wouldn’t mind having on any given day.
Nogne O (Norway) – Dark Horizon 3rd Edition

Had it in Melbourne a few months ago and up until today I still think about it with a slight smile on my face. We paid $40 AUD for a 250ml bottle but it was well worth every single dollar. It was amazing and with these imperial stouts it normally taste better when it gets warmer. Truly amazing. And right after we had our first sip,we immediately email Kjetil (owner & brewmaster) to tell him it was so one of the best. His reply? “I think the 4th edition is better.”
Ketjil from NOGNE with Alvin.(巨人和alvin)

A beer that I would share with people.

Mikkeller (Denmark) – Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

A stout brewed with kopi luwak. While it’s a really good stout, it’s a little too complex and strong for a person finish it on their own. Mikkeller is known for crazy beers and this is one that nobody should miss. The luwak beans are taken from Vietnam. The aroma of the coffee is very strong and it has a very nice body to it too. And as usual with beers like these, the warmer it gets the better the 

Other beers which I don’t mind having anytime.(任何时候都能喝的其他瓶子)

Mountain Goat IPA 
One of the easiest drinking IPA in my opinion. Hoppy at the back but with a nice amount of citrus and caramel aroma.


Hitachino Red Rice Ale 
Brewed with Japanese Akagome Rice. Which is actually a purple rice but after polishing it turns red. There’s a very nice strawberry aroma and taste to it with a strong finish which is almost like a Japanese Sake.


Next up---final part of beer list 13/14 would see a friend from USA sharing his list....Kyle will be our 5th friend to share his bottles & wishes for 2014....

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