Sunday, September 7, 2014

WEEK 23--"Subtle Brew"---the Japanese way--chit chat with HITACHINO







This week's column started with a certain perception about Japanese brew---that if compare to some US/European brew---Japanese brew is somehow "lacking" in big bold character, that it is at times too "gentle",nothing too overpowering....

That perception---is it a misguided stereotype or facts?

Thrown with the particular "perception"-- Kiuchi Youichi san, one half of the brothers from the founding family of Kiuchi brewery that produces the multiple awards winning HITCHINO NEST beers, has this to say:-
"alcoholic beverages(craft beers included) has long been closely linked with food culture, and Crazy beers match well with Crazy food. We believe Japanese food culture can be described as  SUBTLE"
And to think that the "subtle brew" from Hitachino is well received in many American/Canadian cities where there's never a shortage of "crazy brewers" is quite amazing.

Some quotes:-
on perception that Japan craft beer market is booming:-
"craft beer only make up about 0.3-0.4% of the alcoholic beverages market share in Japan"
"the craft beer market still have a long way to go(before growing into something huge)..." 

on International beer awards/competition:-
"we have been beer brewing for the past 20 years--the first 5 years we view it very seriously, then for 10 years we do not consider it as important--now we regard competition as very important events.." 
on Immediate plan:-
"expansion of local market via new canned packaging as well as collaboration brews..."
" to promote to more new market such as Korea, Italy, Russia, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia...."

on longer term target:-
" to have direct owned restaurant in Japan, as well as setting up brewery outside of Japan"
on craft beer experience so far:-
"craft beer link people up, it brought us uncountable encounters"

on craft sharing:-
'it's important to explain beer tasting method, beer styles to newbie, to share how wonderful and fun craft beer culture is..."
"same as how people see value in vintage wine, knowledge of craft beer is what makes people appreciate it's worth though it's priced higher than normal factory beers" 
on Brothers working together:-
"we just work and complement each other, there's never a thought of using brotherhood story for marketing purposes.."

on guiding motto:-

NEXT WEEK--Ale(Not pale)--Pils(Not dull)

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