Sunday, September 14, 2014

WEEK 24--of "Hot Head"(ALES) & "Cold Feet"(LAGERS)....


什么是淡啤(ALES), 什么是浅啤(LAGERS)。


个人选择,把上面发酵(TOP FERMENTING)和下面发酵(BOTTOM FERMENTING)说成头脑发热和脚底发冷。。反正如果只是喜欢喝撞意啤酒,自己不亲手酿的话,不会真正了解什么酵母是什么酵母,什么变化会带来什么成品。

如果有新朋友被问到撞意啤酒有什么好喝的,很简单,不用出动IPA,就用一瓶最基本的PILSNER或PALE ALE介绍朋友喝吧,好不好,行不行,酒本身会说话,这比尝试跟只是喝普通大厂啤酒的朋友解释什么是头脑发热或脚底发冷直接了当的多。
ALL brewers would tell us drinkers, the different between ales and lagers is about YEAST.

That ale is using TOP fermenting yeast---that lager is using BOTTOM fermenting yeast.
for easy remembering, will just say ALES as " Hot Head" brews---while LAGERS as " Cold Feet" brews.  

This week's column is about the most basic of differentiating beer styles---i.e. what's ales and what's lagers---in the most simple form--and touching only about PALE ALE and  PILSNER/LAGER since the local market is full of golden/light golden color big factory (non-craft) beers.
"traditionally, ale is perceived as a stronger, thicker beer than lager, but does this meaning to say lager is a lesser, boring beer?"

"in the world of craft beer, lager is certainly NOT a dull and boring beer"
"thanks to the passion and innovation of craft brewers in trying to make lager interesting beers, or even see making yummy lager as a fun challenge ---the border lines between ales and lagers has become blurry in terms of beer taste and it's intensity(though the top and bottom fermenting still very much in tact)"
"nowadays, some lagers(like "premium pils", "imperial lager" and such)...can be very much compared to IPA or even stronger brew in terms of taste, body, aroma...thanks to the "craziness"/"fun factors" infused by some brewers"

"it has been proven--that is you use the right ingredients and brew with a heart that cares only for the goodness of a beer---lagers can be so so fun and delicious---anyone who says lagers are dull and boring should just grab one---make sure it's craft beer version..."


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