Sunday, September 28, 2014

WEEK 26--TTO--the SUPER version




活动本身是最普通不过的TAP TAKE OVER。这是大家都很熟悉的,不过,决定写这个是因为个人觉得无论是可以在一间位于东南亚的酒吧喝到上了啤酒泵(ON TAPS)的FFF啤酒,又或是象征意义上的FFF将会长期出现在曼谷“米吧” 这件事,对喜欢THREE FLOYDS啤酒的亚洲朋友来说,算是件“大事”。

至今为止,个人知道的,在亚洲喝过的THREE FLOYDS瓶子都只是在日本找得到。虽然现在东南亚飞日本没有以前那么麻烦,不过,能在曼谷喝到连续几年RATEBEER.COM评选为世界最好酿坊的FFF啤酒,就算只是个不能完全代表真正地位的统计/象征式说法,也是件乐事。(当然,现在的FFF是世界亚军,冠军让VERMONT一家“偏远农场”的HILL FARMSTEAD拿下了。。)

we all know that TTO--tap take over is just a very common activity that probably happen every weekend somewhere in a bar near you.

SO, to write an article in the weekly column about TTO is kind of unusual as the column does not do activities announcements.

The TTO by Mikkeller Bar Bangkok scheduled for late OCT is anything BUT a common one---because THREE FLOYDS will be on show, or rather---on tap(for details please check Mikkeller BKK FB/event page)
The significance of this TTO is not just the night itself--but more importantly--it means those of us who live in South East Asia will have a choice of flying in to BKK when craving for FFF beers, rather than having to travel to Tokyo(where there's rather good selection of FFF bottles as far as ASIA is concern)---or to MUNSTER near CHICAGO where FFF is based.

Just in case if you are not sure who FFF is--this "all in the family" brewery from USA was rated by as world's BEST brewery for 4 years in a row---until last year when Hill Farmstead came a calling.

On paper it's already sounding like a TTO not to be missed for year awesome the beers would be...?I guess all of you( me included)beer nerd would just have to be there to find out.

NEXT WEEK-- signs you are "poisoned"

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