Sunday, November 16, 2014

WEEK 33--"GUAILOH" Cooling Tea---SAISON







This is last week's column.

In giving SAISON a nickname--"GUAILOH Cooling Tea"--which is the direct translation of the Cantonese word--"foreigners' herbal tea"--which is referring to beer--rather than tea.
Saison is traditionally being prepared during cold season, to be consumed in the summer--as a thirst quencher---a little bit like what some Asians/Chinese always do--if you feeling "Heaty"--go drink some herbal tea.

Generally speaking, it seems Saison is not a much sought after category of beer as compared to say IPA or porter/stout in South East Asia--or the whole of Asia. 
Not sure if this is due to what's available in the market, or it's just a personal taste issue, but the fact that there's not that many selection available here locally is a fact that hopefully would change in the not too long future...

"if you ask a brewer, is saison a straight forward easy beer or a complex one--answer would be the latter"

"someone once said, saison is the type of beer you would find  closest to wine in many aspects"

THIS SUNDAY's column will be uploaded in few days time....

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