Saturday, November 22, 2014

WEEK 34--drink Craft--learn ABC




撞意啤酒之所以好玩,有时候不是只在于酒本身,有时候酒背后的小故事,初念,想法都让喝CRAFT BEER这件事变得更有趣味。

One of the things newbie drinkers would probably notice very early on is the ever changing--free form expression--almost anything goes--different labels design on the bottles.

And then you might slowly noticed that it is not just the graphic design---the labels actually contain lots of other thing---such as info about why a particular beer is brewed the way it is---basic info of what malt/what yeasts/what hops/what other organic/food item added and so on.....sometimes the label would say this is in tribute to so and so/or to a particular tradition/culture....
All these make drinking craft beer a little more fun--the fact that there's a little info here and there to pick up--to understand what's behind a brewer's thinking/cultural influence/little stories behind the scene.....

"BA is not an abbreviation for a university degree---it stands for the word Barrel Aged---the process of aging a beer"

"BA does NOT necessarily make beers taste better--some beers are better off without BA--the Original version could taste much better"
"Carbonation has always been the benchmark for big factory beer drinkers--to determine if a beer has gone bad---not always correct when you are opening a craft beer bottle---because some craft beer were born WITHOUT much carbonation or none at all..."

"Craft beer--anyone or everyone who thought this is just the same bloody boring/one dimensional "alcoholic yellow piss"--try it--then you will see...."

NEXT UP--what's your nick name?

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