Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WEEK 35--WHAT's in a name?

首先,要承认自己是BEER SNOB,也是GEEK。

SNOB是因为已经好几年不碰普通大厂啤酒,也有时候不喝一些自觉不是心目中那杯的“轻量级”酿品。(不是指LAGER或PALE ALE---比较多是看酿酒师/品牌/产地)


喝CRAFT BEER---讲究的是对味。

This is more of a jest than anything serious.

First, have to admit that i have been turned into a SNOB, as well a GEEK ever since craft found me---or maybe it's the other way round....by that i mean no more "factory beer" for the past few years...

Anyway--craft beer is a bit like music---there's so many different genre out there---there bound to be something that would suits your taste....regardless if you are a Newbie, SNOB/GEEK/NERD or whatever...

The thing about craft beer is simple---just find the taste/s you like---and you are good to go.... 

as for nicknames---it's just a play...nothing serious.
"BEER GEEK--there's no clear definition--it's just how deep are you into--and you could very much just measure yourself/label yourself with one if you think you are...."

"BEER SNOB---it's a bit like self-pleasuring by calling yourself a snob.."

"BEER NERD-- kind of like someone who is into fashion trend or antique collection--you would chase some rare bottles-- JUST GOTTA HAVE EMMMMMM...."

NEXT WEEK---craft in BKK

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