Monday, December 1, 2014

WEEK 36---BANGKOK Craft-Spotting


跟东南亚很多城市一样,曼谷是长久以来被普通大厂啤酒(包括自家泰国品牌)淹没的CRAFT BEER沙漠。


曼谷撞意啤酒文化在逐步延伸着,过去18个月有不少新酒吧/餐厅开始能找到CRAFT BEER喝。虽说可能很大程度上还是混合着普通大厂啤酒来卖,至少,这城市的CRAFT门是开了。


BANGKOK---a city many people love going for all kinds of reasons-----EXCEPT BEER.

almost 3 years ago---there's basically little to non for craft beer drinkers to chose from---this is a city very similar to many South East Asia cities---where beer market is flooded by big boring factory beers( be it national brew or imported---in the case of BKK, of course there's a couple of national brands dominating the market apart from the imported ones)
Obviously---the beer scene in BKK is changing--- the past 18 month or so---there's a flow of new bars/restaurants serving craft beer---though most are not selling 100% craft beer, with usual factory beers in the mix---at the very least, doors been opened for craft beers.

As it is, drinking beer in BKK is getting more interesting than before, however, there's a question of "what if there's no Mikkeller bar--what other choices left? " in the mind of beer geek/beer nerd/beer snob....would be interesting to see how the craft scene evolve in the next 18 months....

"one thing about BKK craft beer scene is that many bars/restaurants are still selling the usual big factory beers--besides Mikkeller Bar, the other 100% craft beer dedicated bar is Craft-the pop up bar"
"Craft--the pop up bar--a semi open air bar located at Shukumvit Soi23---if you love US brew+some Japanese brew--this is the place. 8 taps when visited--food choices is nice since it's related to the next door restaurant. "
"Mikkeller Bar--this could be the reason many beer geek getting into town for---could be a bit hard to locate for newbie since it's tucked in an old bungalow in Ekkamai,definitely not your usual bar set up...." 
"HOBS--few bars in different parts of BKK that sell both craft beer and usual factory beers."
"Brew Beers & Ciders--also having a few bars in and around BKK--selling both craft beer and factory beers."

"other noticeable new bars/restaurants that sell craft beer inlcudes places like Beerology,Niche Beerville, Sway, The Beer Bridge, White Beer'd...."  
"of all the slightly older or newer bars which sell both usual factory beers and craft beer---both HOBS(house of beers) and Brew Beers & Ciders are having slight edge over the new comers in terms of craft bottles selection..."


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