Thursday, December 25, 2014

WEEK 39---TOKYO Craft-spotting----Part 3 of 3

东京喝CRAFT 的地方很多,有大有小,有专注日本自家酿品,也有只专注或美国或北欧或比利时等地酿品的。

“告一段落”篇写了4个地方,除了TANAKAYA是瓶子专卖店,其他的都是酒吧,ALDGATE和GOODBEER FAUCETS位置在热闹的涉谷,老字号的POPEYE位置有点偏离市中心,不过去了就知道为什么会被誉为东京CRAFT BEER吧的老大哥。

This is sort of the "concluding" page for Tokyo craft-spotting, having written for 3 weeks in a row---with Yokohama craft-spotting to follow.
with 10 bars and 1 bottle shop written for Tokyo craft-spotting, it's really just scratching the surface of what Tokyo craft beer scene is all about...while there are still many more new places to visit, i will be very happy to revisit places i have been and enjoyed repeatedly.

this week's column touch on 3 bars and THE bottle shop in the whole of Tokyo.....

"ALDGATE---located nearby the ever busy Shibuya crossing--this old school British pub is hidden on the 3rd floor of  a not so tall building, just side of the busy main street---21 taps--beer selections ranging from Japanese brew--to the US brew.."
"ALDGATE---this is one of the very few craft beer places with live streaming of football matches like English premier league--so expect the bar to be jam packed---especially on match day---if you prefer a quiet place--then this is not the place"
"ALDGATE---if you happened to be a craft beer lover, as well as very much into vinyl record---you may want to be the good friend of the bar owner---this is most probably one craft beer bar in the whole of Tokyo with the largest collection of vinyl..."
"POPEYE---long been hailed as the "big brother" bar in Tokyo craft beer scene( as the owner is one of the very early starter)--the 70 taps occupying the bar area is a sight to behold..."

"POPEYE---the location--Ryogoku-- though slightly off from city center point of view--is not really that far considering the highly efficient public transport system in Tokyo..."
"POPEYE---even before you walk into the bar---there's a clear sign showing "70 taps"---the moment you rest yourself at the bar area-this is where it really hits you--with beer selection from Japanese brew, and some imported ones---no doubt this is one craft beer bar worth visiting for a good few round.."
"GOODBEER FAUCETS---located further up from the 109 building nearby the famous Shibuya crossing---this is an easier to find bar for first timer--it's located nearby the main street, just on top a family mart convenience store.."
"GOODBEER FAUCETS---beers are mix of US-Japanese brew--with some Belgium/UK brews---hand pump is available---and sitting on the window long bar watching what's going on in the street is a cozy way of enjoying a beer or two if you are alone and don't enjoy talking to strangers..."
"TANAKAYA---this place in Meijiro is probably the "best known secrets" for all who love a good bottle or two of craft beer/spirits in Tokyo.."

"TANAKAYA---although craft beer section is only a small part of the whole shop---there's no doubting the magnetic power this place caused to beer geek---the beers are lined up systematically---from first door of the fridge with Belgium beers--Sours--onto beers from places like Scandinavia, Holland, Italy,Spain,Scotland,UK--USA---this place is a funfair..."
"TANAKAYA---If there's anything you want to "complaint"about--it is the fact that all bottles are for take out--no drinking inside the shop---UNLESS if you are given special permission, and/or invited to have a tasting session---but don't expect to drink like you do in a bar---the fact that you are invited/given permission to drink inside is already a super privilege...;) 

NEXT WEEK---YOKOHAMA craft-spotting

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