Monday, December 15, 2014

WEEK 38--TOKYO craftt-spotting--Part 2 of 3




DEVIL CRAFT虽也是美国啤酒为主,不过品牌类别完全不同,也有一些日本小型自酿啤酒选择。
PIGALLE TOKYO是很小一家专卖店,走欧陆风,啤酒选择以北欧帮为主,或DE MOLEN这样的名牌,偶尔会有很小型日本新晋酿酒师啤酒出现(是受邀去北欧啤酒节的级别)。


Part  2 of 3 about craft beer places in TOKYO--the big fun place for craft lovers in Asia.

This week is about 4 bar with wholly different choices of beers, as well in look and feel/mood and feel....
"Hatos Bar---though location says Naka-meguro--having tried coming out from both Naka-meguro station & Daikayama station--the easiest route is to exit from Daikayama station"
"Hatos Bar---"though kind of famous for their bbq pork item--this is probably the only bar that serves Gigantic brewing's beers from Oregan,--was in fact turned away during first visit--it was a Friday evening and the small place was jam packed"
Hatos Bar---"though the beer selection is not that big( 5 on tap+ 1 fridge of bottles--with alameda and up right from oregan on offer too)--but if you love good beer and awesome bbq pork---you soon will find yourself making friends with the whole team at the bar--from bosses to kitchen staff....very warm place indeed"
"Devil Craft---opted for the "new shop"( second outlet after Kanda) located nearby Hamamatsu station--was having a sort of "wrong impression" about this place prior to this visit---simply because if a craft beer place is more famous for it's pizza--what does it says about the place?"

"Devil Craft---visited early evening---moments after settling down at the bar--any doubts about this place quickly disappeared--it has got this very easy, laid back feel that makes you feel very relax"
"Devil Craft--surprised to find that there's no bottles selection--all beers are on tap--with mainly US brews like Pelican, Green Flash, Heretic, Ballast well some Japanese small brews---and YES--the Chicago style thick pizza is delicious--but the biggest surprise?---the SPICY buffalo wings--if you don't like the hot sensation on top of your head/hair---don't do spicy--take mild!" 
"Pigalle Tokyo--situated nearby Sangen-jaya station, this is really a tiny place---but full of good European beer choices--take for examples the beers consumed that evening--TO OL 's Mochaccino Messiah, De Molen Amerikaans and Rooie Dop Double Oatmeal Stout..bottles that's a bit hard to find locally..."
" Pigalle Tokyo--occasionally, they do have on tap from home front--but not any big Japanese brewery--rather very new name like Oshare( a new brand recently invited to Gothenburg beer fest)  that is aiming for the Scandinavian market rather than locally--however, missed the tap take over event couple of days--would see when can sample some of those beers....:)"
"St.Bernardus---situated nearby Kanda station--if you are into Belgium beers--this is a really nice place to be at---with even st.bernardus 12 on tap from time to time.."
"St. Bernardus---though this is a franchised bar, there's still some other Belgium beers available--and if you like some pub food--this is one place with mix of east and west items available--with some very nice items to go with your beers...."

NET WEEK---TOKYO craft-spotting---Part 3 of 3

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