Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Memorable Beer List---by ALVIN ( kl)

这期最有印象啤酒清单来自ALVIN---本地CRAFT BEER专卖酒吧的年轻老板之一。


We continue with the beer list --this time around a short list from Alvin--one of the owners of Tapsbeerbar here in KL.

here's the list--- in his own words:-

This year has been really great. Taps Beer Bar opened a 2nd outlet in 1mk mall and its been crazy setting the place up. In the last 6 months we have been so busy that we hardly had time to sit down and enjoy our beers.

This year my habit of drinking has changed. Instead of chasing for a certain beer style, I will decide based on the mood I'm in.

1. Australian Brewery - extra hoppy ale - all day everyday
This is a very surprising beer. So easy to drink and very satisfying. Nothing big in terms of flavours but the balance of the flavours makes this beer the easiest beer to drink any time of day.

2. Mikkeller - George bourbon ba -slow drinking beer
Mikkeller has produced some really nice beers but sometimes its best to keep it simple and not too crazy. This bourbon barrel aged imperial stout is part of the George Foreman series and at 12.12% its perfect! A very nice oak aroma hits you when the beer is poured but barrel aged stouts you want to let it warm up a bit. The smell of the alcohol becomes more apparent and coupled with the whiskey oak and slight dark chocolate taste, this makes the beer one to remember.
3. Thornbridge - brascia -slow drinking beer
Thornbridge range beers have been solid. Be it their core range or their seasonals. Brascia is a very rich dark ale which surprised me on so many levels. Firstly, its vanilla and dark fruit taste with a strong alcohol taste which didn't overpower the flavours of the beer. It finishes with a slight malty flavour and leaves your mouth wanting more. Shared the first bottle with a friend thinking that it will be too much but ended up having one on my own.
4. Prickly Moses - Otway stout
The simplest stout I've had this year. Medium roasted and low on alcohol. Light to medium body so that's perfect. Not too rich and that makes it so easy to drink and multiple times in a day!

5. Boatrocker - hop bomb IPA - anytime IPA
Boatrocker is one of the newest brewery we've brought in this year. Their hopbomb IPA changed the perception of Aussie beers. Quite a lot of our customers always say they don't really like Australian beers or that Australians don't know how to brew beers. But when I told them that this is a very very good IPA and gave them a little taster, they would order it all night long. 
这是来自澳洲新酿坊“摇船者”,让人刮目相看的印度淡啤--不少饮客并不喜欢澳洲啤酒或觉得澳洲撞意啤酒不够格--不过,尝试过HOP BOMB之后,会整晚喝不停。。。

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