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2014 Memorable Beer List--by TOBIAS(Copenhagen)


之前是长住东京的英国部落客朋友NEIL,这次的是来自哥本哈根的酿酒师TOBIAS,如果你熟悉TO OL这个北欧品牌,没错,以下是他的自选LIST。

The 2014 memorable beer list started with Neil, a blogger friend from Tokyo---next up to provide us some of his memorable beer list is a Brewer from Copenhagen---yup, if you are familiar with TO OL of Denmark---this list is from the brewer himself.
it's a rather short list, here we go:-( original writing from Tobias)
Mikkeller Spontanrødbede: exciting sour beer brewed with beetroot. A very familier Danish vegetable in perfect combination of the sour flavours. Amazing colour and appearance.


To Øl Garden of Eden: One of our own beers, an IPA brewed with 5 different tropical fruits. Amazing how the perfect combination of fruity hop varieties bonds together with fruits. From a distance it's really overdosed but when you drink it it's actually very drinkable and friendly. Really complex and yet simple.

TO OL自家的印度淡啤--利用五种不同热带水果,和啤酒花美妙结合而成--虽然可能有过量过重错觉--不过是复杂得来由易喝的。

De Proef Amarillo projects: Really interesting test brews from Belgium, sourcing amarillo hops from different farmers at different locations and really discovering the terroir of the hops you use. This beer is not released yet, but have some really exciting differences that I think any beer geek would love to discover.

这家位于比利时的酿坊是一些吉普赛酿酒师--包括TO OL有合作的--所以TOBIAS知道/尝试过这家的实验酒--以不同区域收集的AMARILLO啤酒花酿制,是很有趣的酿品,目前还没有面世。

Three Floyds Zombie Dust: This beer is just too simple to be good. Single hop citra pale ale, Many have brewed similar recipes, but this one is just amazing.....

美国大名鼎鼎的FFF--THREE FLOYDS这支美式淡啤是被公认最佳的---TOBIAS觉得这支酒的酿方很简单,可是又那么美味--很多酿酒师都试过同样酿方--就是没有ZOMBIE DUST 那么神奇。

Arizona Wilderness: Most friendly guys around, met them at CBC and at the Shelton beer festival in US. Amazing projects with mead, barrel aging and new flavours. Can't pick out any of the beers as being the best, but I would really watch this brewery in 2015.

2015年最值得关注/期待的美国新酿坊---TOBIAS 在丹麦和美国啤酒节遇到来自这家的酿酒师们--他非常欣赏这家的桶陈年处理蜜糖酒, 以及一些新口味啤酒的计划.

NEXT UP---list by ALVIN ( KL)

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