Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Memorable Beer List---by NEIL--Part 2/2

Let's see what else is in store in Neil's list of memorable beers:-
Partizan - Belma Liberty IPA
Don’t think they’ve made it out of Europe, maybe not even out of the UK. Another beer consumed on a trip home. Reminded me a lot of Shiga Kogen’s House IPA and given how much I love that beer, that must be a good thing. There’s now a whole host of breweries in the arches under the railway lines in Bermondsey, but I think I’ll stick with just Partizan and Kernel for the time being as I’m not really convinced by any of the others yet.

Kernel - Biere de Table Oak Aged Saison
Another low alcohol/high flavour combination. Another London trip highlight. Nice and cheesy. I like that in a beer. Also like that in a cheese. Nice to see something other than an imperial stout in a barrel too. And Kernel are just always great.
Nihonkai Club - IBA
India Brown Ale, and it definitely is brown rather than black. Tried this again recently and was blown away by it. Nihonkai Club beers are made at an isolated brewery in west Japan by a Czech brewer. His pilsner is also great. As is his Weizen. As are most things I try by him. If you can make Pilsners and Weizens that really stand out and that are totally memorable, then you must be doing a really good thing as there’s a hell of a lot of these styles being made in Japan.
To Ol - Yeastus Christ Supersour
Best beer name of the year. The beer was very nice too.

Westbrook - Bearded Farmers Hughey & Taylor
Two big bottles of Saison that I drank by myself at the very start of the year, and I have been yearning for Westbrook beers since then. Nice to find a US Saison that hasn’t thrown the whole herb and spice cabinet in. Subtle, refreshing and delicious. Must try some more of their stuff when I have the chance.
De Leite - Cuvee Soeur’ise/Cuvee Jeune Homme
My January trip to Belgium started badly  when I realised on the train that I had booked my hotel for the wrong week. It soon took an upturn when I had these two great beers in Leuven. It was almost a year to the day that I had my first De Leite beer, Cuvee Mam’zelle at Cafe Rose Red in Bruges. Belgian beer is still my beer of choice, and that’s because of beers like these. They are dignified, subtle, fascinating and delicious. 
So many good beers and so many that I haven’t mentioned. I also want to say that I’ve really enjoyed Modern Times cans this year which are now being imported to Japan. Shiga Kogen are still great with their regular beers and their seasonal, and it’s particularly good that their beers are widely available (in Craft Beer bars anyway). 
有太多好啤酒没能提到,包括近期开始在日本出现的美国MODERN TIMES啤酒,当然还有一些日本啤酒,例如志贺高原的各类啤酒.
I’m also really enjoying drinking Yorocco beers, just wish that they would make it to Tokyo bars or shops, but completely understand their ‘local beer’ slogan, and it gives me a reason to take a trip out of town. 
Fujizakura are still very nice and I’ve had some very nice seasonal from them this year. And they are another brewery who always seem to be available in Craft Beer bars. And Loco too. Haven’t liked everything I’ve had, but have had some very pleasant surprises from them. Their Scottish Light was really great. 

And, I am in the very fortunate position that possibly my best beer of the year could be yet to come. I have a bottle or two of special stuff stored at my parents’ house waiting for me to open soon after a 12 hour flight and have with my Christmas dinner. Very much looking forward to that!

ct's note:-
MERRY X'MAS to everyone---have some nice beers but don't Fxxx up your palate.....:) ....cheers.
NEXT UP on 2014 memorable beer list---TOBIAS from Copenhagen

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