Monday, December 8, 2014

WEEK 37---TOKYO craft-spotting--Part 1 of 3



去过日本喝CRAFT BEER的朋友都会同意这是个大乐园(当然,不要拿美国/欧洲一些城市来比较)。

这期说的只是三家,位于涉谷的CRAFTHEADS,还有位于六本木的ANT'N BEE和BREWDOG BAR。


TOKYO--no doubt a great playground for craft beer lovers in ASIA.

this is not a guide or info type write up but more like a personal trip record.( if you need info--check out TOKYO BEER DRINKER listed on this blog--that's a very proper and helpful blog for people seeking beer bar/bottle shop related info--including opinion/prices--and most importantly--direction guide to the places)
there's so many different craft beer places in Tokyo, even 1 month would be very tight to cover much---as this is more of a personal lazy around trip--there's no urgency to cover as much or drink as much.

this week's first part of 3 articles on Tokyo craft beer places is about 3 bars only, here we go:-
"CRAFTHEADS---this is an EXTREME BEER BAR---in business we know sometimes someone would proclaim something to sort of 'self-enlarge" the identity/branding---NOT HERE---just look at the craft beer bottles and bourbon selection---and you will see why"
"CRAFTHEADS--if you are US BREWS lover--and love some beer bottles from names like ALESMITH/ HAIR OF THE DOG/ THE BRUERY/ THE LOST ABBEY/ THREEFLOYD.....this is the place to be---not to mention there's still some 20 taps to chose from..."
"CRAFTHEADS--even though this trip around--some of the "BIG beer" bottles were missing from selection list---and that may have caused some MINUS points ---but this bar still remains as THE go to bar in Tokyo personally." 
"ANT'N BEE---small bar but full of character--was told by a friend who went earlier that this is his most favorite craft beer bar in Tokyo--it certainly was one of the most <happening bar> when visited---probably due to the fact that there's a certain celebration of anniversary going on"
"ANT'N BEE---if you like beer selections from different parts of Japan---and/or you arrive very late in Tokyo and need a bar for very late night/morning craft drinking--this is THE bar to be as they open from 6pm til 7am next morning.."
"BREWDOG BAR---so far still the ONLY one in ASIA--obviously carry lots of brewdog beer--be it on taps or bottles---but if you need guests beers---there's quite some good bottles to choose from too.."
"BREWDOG BAR---spacious for a bar located at ever expensive Roppongi area---location is just at the back street of where ant'n bee is located---very convenient for people who love bar hopping.,,"

NEXT WEEK--TOKYO craft-spotting---part 2 of 3

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