Sunday, February 8, 2015

WEEK 43-Quick craft-tour---kl-bkk-S'pore9part 2/2)

of the 3 cities--KL-BKK-SG, if you do not earn sing dollar or any other higher exchange rate currency---it's probably not that fun to spend money in S'pore now--even more so if you are spending M'sia ringgit...

the "problem" for beer geek is---when you consider the number of craft-dedicated bars/bottle shops --hence the wider choices of craft beer---the currency issue become a smaller issue...

S'pore is no doubt having many more craft-dedicated places when compared to KL-BKK, add in the small number of microbrew( which unfortunately is not legally permitted in KL-BKK)--craft beer seems to move faster/better in this part of south east asia....
The Feb issue of Time Out magazine( s'pore version) run some stories about the craft beer movement in S'pore--and that kind of shows the momentum it is gathering locally....

If you have not been to S'pore for craft beer---there are many older and newer places to go---amongst others---just mentioning a few here"-

Smith street bar( clay pot chicken rice + craft beer--can be really shiok combination)
Good beer company---just located few steps away from smith--need bottles selection?)
The great beer experiment( many European beers--including Cantilion)
Thisrty ( bottle shop---with focus on US beer--think alesmith-firestone walker, modern times....)
Jibiru(sitting on orchard road---obviously focus on Japanese brew)
The pump room( who says Clarke Quay is only for partying--there's a brewpub or two too around the area)
Nickledime Drafthouse(opened late last year--run by a paying beer geek turned operator)

there's obviously many more---like the very newly opened Druggist( 23taps)---and also soon to open Tap bar.....would do a more in-depth SG craft-spotting in the near future....

二月份TIME OUT杂志(新加坡版)大篇幅介绍了撞意啤酒界中的幕后/幕前推手及现况,某些程度上显示CRAFT 文化在新加坡的关注度。
如果不很熟悉新加坡哪里喝哪里买,这几家各有特色的专卖店错不了,比如设在牛车水唐人街熟食小贩中心的SMITH STREET TAPSTHE GOOD BEER COMPANY,设在靠近马场商场进口商自己经营的THE GREAT BEER EXPERIMENT,河边购物中心内的THRISTY瓶子店,繁忙乌节路边上的JBIRU(专注日本啤酒),河边派对区提供小型自酿的THE PUMP ROOM,去年底新开的15个啤酒泵NICKLEDIME DRAFHOUSE等等。(没提到的还有不少,之后有机会详细聊)

NEXT UP---the story of MACRO & Micro....

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