Monday, February 2, 2015

WEEK 43---Quick craft-tour of KL-BKK-S'PORE(part 1/2)

this is the 4th year craft beer culture is taking shape in KL, looking back, there has been a rather lack of major development in terms of craft-bar-bottle shops new operator/s joining the local scene. There's only 1 new bar opened late last year, but by the same bar that started 3 years ago....
Yes--the only addition of a 100% craft beer bar is tapsbeerbar1MK.
Is that to say KL is a bloody boring place for craft beer? well, not that bad---not at all. At the very least--some beer listed as the TOP 100 by ratebeer were here before/reappearing, and of course there's many others from Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and lately some US brew....

Generally speaking, operating craft beer bar or bottle shop is not quick money making or very high margin business, add that with the fact that KL is a place with very high alcohol taxes---and the local craft culture is still in it's very early developing stage--this would sort of explain why there's so few operators in the market--guess we drinkers can just hope for few more craft beer loving operators to join in sooner rather than later...
是的,吉隆坡来说,100%纯粹卖CRAFT BEER的点只多了一家,去年尾新开的TAPS BEER BAR 1MK。实际上,现阶段吉隆坡业者的确少。

this is still "the big do" month for Mikkeller bangkok with it's first anniversary "bkk beer week" continuing from late January.
as many would have noticed, there's a 30 tap"kick -ass" list on 29th Jan--followed by tap take-over by TO OL from Denmark and Baird from Japan.

This coming friday & saturday will see a 50 tap a day--100 beer in total keg party taking place, with beer festival like format where ticket is on sale.. 
Pushing craft culture in a market long dominated by the big boys of Thai commercial beer( think Elephant & Lion) is never an easy task, we say keep rocking Mikkeller bar---and credit should also be given to the USbrew importer(Beervana) for keeping the ball rolling earlier along with another importer who focus on Belgium beer.... 
配合生日,129日开始“米吧”就动作连连,除了30个上了啤酒泵,号称“至今最厉害阵容”酒单选择,还分别把丹麦TO OL和日本BAIRD酿酒师配合“占领啤酒泵”活动带到曼谷跟啤迷见面。然后,2月的6日和7日连续两天,效仿丹麦啤酒节庆盛宴,以单一价格门票方式,让啤迷可以每天50个不同啤酒泵选择,两天100种不同啤酒,一次过喝个够。

NEXT UP--Quick tour to S'pore

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