Sunday, January 25, 2015

WEEK 42--A few "craft-terms"(Part 2/2)

Some say there's no such thing as "palate building"--beer is just beer--just drink--what so complicated about it?
Of course some would say yes--there's a period of "palate building" for every newbie--that your taste bud/senses need some time( few months to a year or even longer...) to get use to/get around the different "stimulation" generated by different beer styles.
And--many also believe that drinking craft should start with the lightest, and gradually to the stronger/strongest beer--because a stronger beer( in taste/type--not just abv)would in theory "over-power/destroy" your palate, hence can't fully appreciate a perceived "weaker"beer .
Well, some people would just do the opposite--starting with the stronger( or even the strongest beer)--and reverse the sequence--if that suits you---why not?

也有人说,其实有点讲究的。讲究什么呢?PALATE BUILDING,培养口味的意思。说的是刚从喝平淡无趣普通大厂啤酒转向撞意啤酒的新朋友需要时间“练”一下味觉嗅觉,逐步适应众多不同类别撞意啤酒带来的味蕾新体会。

Many would say low abv beer or session beer is anything with 5% abv or lower( though some might think 6% +- is still fine) --the idea is simple---yummy beer that won't kick your ass after one pint or a bottle--one that you could probably go for 3-4 during a drink session if you really love it so much.

if you have tasted quite a few crazy big beers--sometimes all you want is just tasty beer that's still complex yet easy to drink.
不同于“入门级别”啤酒,SESSION BEER涵盖范围很广,可以是浅啤,淡啤,印度淡啤或黑啤类。很多喝过不少疯狂酿品的啤迷,到了某个程度,会逐渐转向不那么疯狂的易喝又美味啤酒。

This may sound like a term more often associated with wine/whiskey, especially with the image of a guy holding a glass, a basket in waiting and spitting out...
In the world of Craft Beer there's such thing called tasting session too--and NO--we do not spit out( unless if the beer has gone bad or super duper badly made)

This is in fact the best way to not drink in quantity but quality--a group of few geeks/friends--each bring out a bottle or two of their best kept secret bottle/s--best way to enjoy good beer.
TASTING SESSION可同时间少量喝到不少好瓶子,是啤迷互相“开牌”本身收藏的好玩聚会,更适合喜欢“喝少尝多”的朋友(很多啤迷朋友早已不在乎量,高质素才是目标)。

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