Monday, January 19, 2015

2014 Memorable Beer List--Final list by YINHAI(Beijing)




就那样,反正CRAFT BEER崇尚自由发挥,是宣传还是分享,见仁见智,喝过的会知道。

The final list from Beijing may seems like a PR/Promo list to some, as all 6 beer mentioned were from one brew bar in Beijing, and the guy who wrote this, a well known "beer nut"amongst Beijing craft fraternity is the owner of the bar--YINHAI.

This is how it went when asked for his beer list:-
YINHAI"the beers i love are those only available in my brewpub--can i write?”
ME"well, there's nothing wrong if all those you really like are within your bar only..."

craft beer is all about exploring, sharing and freedom of expression---if you think this is just a list to promote own bar--then yes--so be it---but if you think it's really because he had tried so many beers from other brewers and last year only love his own beers--so be it too...

here's the list :-(original copy written in Mandarin by Yinhai)
SAISON IPA--American Hops, IBU45, Belgium style saison--a mix of old new world beer styles.
季节苦啤Saison IPA,一款用美式啤酒花,苦度值45的比利时式Saison啤酒,新旧世界经典啤酒的溶合,即保留了Saison口感和香味的多样化,又引入了明显的美式酒花味。

OYSTER STOUT--traditional English stout infused with French oyster--with obvious hint of oyster after taste, light toast light sweetness, aromatic.
生蚝世涛Oyster Stout,传统的英式世涛黑啤加入法国生蚝,回口有微弱但明显的生蚝的鲜香,烘焙味非常柔和,略回甜,花香四溢。

FRENCH DUBBEL--using Belgium Dubbel as base, added with yeast from a famous French wine yard--fruity, red in color, smooth, perfect combo of beer and wine.
法式双料French Dubbel,以一款经典的比利时双料为基底,但却采用法国著名葡萄酒酒庄的葡萄酒酵母发酵,带来奇特的果味,加之艳红的酒体,顺滑的口感,是啤酒和红酒的完美结合。

GERMAN STYLE KOLSCH--our most simple brew--with german malts, hops and yeast--clean, crisp, direct---having tried so many beer with different styles/play of style---this one always reminded me why people drink beer( in the very beginning).
BEJINGER WEISSE--- a beer infused with local identity--using Beijing old school "sour milk" yeast with some local spices.
北京人小麦酸啤Beijinger Weisse,一款本地特色的Berliner Weisse,北京老酸奶的乳酸菌参与发酵,再加入小许本地香料,在这款经典酸啤中带上本地风味,

ZHONGNANHAI SMOKE---Zhongnanhai--the heart of Chinese government--also the most famous alternative song, the most famous cigarettes brand---and now the famous smoke beer in Beijing.
中南海烟熏啤酒Zhongnanhai Smoke,中南海,中共总部,北京最流行的半地下歌曲,北京最流行的香烟,现在,也是北京最有名的烟熏啤酒。


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