Thursday, January 22, 2015

WEEK 42---A few "Craft-terms"(part 1/2)

Being a beer geek is like falling into "BLACK HOLE"(with no end in sight)...
it's just a personal view, but probably that's how lots of beer geek felt.

Black Hole is also a big beer from Mikkeller--had it on tap not long ago--felt really disappointed as it was nothing like the "BIG"stout i was expecting---DO i call it a bad beer? NOPE--will have to find a bottle--try it--it's only fair to make any judgement after that.(sounds familiar?  )

The never ending search for targeted beers may sound tiring --but true beer geek would not mind that at all...


ENVY is one of the bottles from "sinner series"by Amager--though this is more of a marketing ploy--but it is true that ENVY is part of the craft beer culture.

Just look around what's posted on social media--there's endless expression of envy( in a good way--mostly) when someone is having a beer or two/a bottle or more of what another does not already had/tasted/longing for.....( geek are essentially a bunch of freaks always going forward inside the black hole....)


IPA is DEAD? well..just like many band/singer song writers had sang about rock & roll is dead or pop is dead---of course it is not dead.

IPA is very much alive and kicking--- it's most likely the best seller at most craft beer places in lots of different cities--and generally seen as the "entry level test" for newbie who can't handle bitterness --but once the palate got around---you are already half a leg inside the black hole..... 
“印度淡啤已死”是苏格兰坏孩子BREWDOGSINGLE HOP(单一啤酒花) IPA系列名称。


NEXT UP--A few "craft-terms"(part 2/2)

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