Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 Memorable Beer List--by CT((KL)--Part 1/3

写回顾BEER LIST的念头很简单,想了解下朋友或不同城市的人在喝什么,有什么是让人回味的。


The thought of writing a LIST is simply because of curiosity-- what friend's list would be, what beers people in different cities like....

This is my personal list of memorable ones from last year--since i have a weekly newspaper column--the list were published as a sort of conclusion piece for last year.( having done 40 weeks in a row---the weekly column would now be biweekly)

The beer list would be divided into 3 parts--into low/mid/high abv category....

6% or below :-
Fortunate Islands by Modern Times
appeared in KL later part of last year, but jump right into the list. A very pleasant anytime ale.The info printed says it all--hops-wheat-tropical ---just perfect combo.
美国新贵酿坊MODERN TIMESFORTUNATE ISLANDS,结合麦芽/啤酒花/热带水果特色的金黄啤。
Golden Perch by Yeastie Boys
Having had two other beer from Yeastie Boys which i like--this pale ale was ordered more as try out than must have--it turn out to be one fine golden ale( however--this beer which is a special brew in conjunction with the premier of the movie The Hobbit--will have a change of name and a little tweak next time it's in the market)
Semi-Conductor by 8Wired
For newbie who are still not really used to the hoppy taste of IPA, this one which is in between a pale ale and IPA is a nice starter--and tasty too.
Amerikaans by De Molen
The name suggested where the influence on the beer comes from--a hop influenced but still light and easy ale--had this after a heavy tasting session and it just felt so RIGHT...( *not in KL)
荷兰名牌DE MOLEN酿坊轻度淡啤AMERIKAANS,使用美国啤酒花“浸泡”的甘香金黄啤。(国外喝到)
Gueuze by Cantilion
If you like beer that has got "champagne like bubbles"--and that it must give your taste bud some Sour+ Freshness--won't go wrong with this one from Cantillion.(*not in KL)

Bottles not listed in newspaper column:-
Krlek(winter version) by Mikkeller
Had this one many times--it's almost like a go to beer--can have this anytime--only if it's that easily available locally..;)
Gamma Ray by Beavertown
Though had it once some time back bottle--if you like a pale ale that's slightly more citrusy/fruity---this is a nice one.(*not in KL)
Daytime by Lagunitas
I remember telling people who came to the booth where this bottle was on sale( during a beerfest)--"try this--it's a very nice pale ale"--obviously i have nothing to do with sale or the brand--but just thought it was worth introducing to people who have not try...(*not in KL)
在一次国外啤酒节--朋友”档口”有卖--记得一直告诉找酒喝的新朋友--TRY 这支--好好喝。。:)

NEXT UP--2014 beer list by CT--part 2/3

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