Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 Memorable Beer List---by CT(Part 2/3)


Part 2 of the beer list is about beer between 6-9% abv:-
Imperial Black by Buxton
This is Black IPA--but taste in between a roasted IPA and light porter--very balance--nothing overpowering on the bitter front, certainly became one of favourites black ipa besides To Ol's black maria...
英国BUXTONIMPERIAL BLACK ,不强调苦味的黑色IPA,香醇甘香,易喝对味。
Blossom by TO OL
had it on tap--full of spring season freshness--almost like a low abv ale,very likeable.
丹麦TO OL春天特酿BLOSSOM,接近低度易喝金黄啤,充满季节香,很讨喜。
Ruination IPA by Stone
If you like a bittersweet ipa--this is a very nice one.(and yes i also like the "common"ipa from stone--as well ruiten was nice too)
美国STONE RUINATION 双份IPA,喜欢甘苦味中带点香甜余韵的,这支错不了。
Rex Attitude by Yeastie Boys
Some friends can't take the heavy peated smell that rushes to the nose--it's a light body golden ale--but the key to this beer is the smell---personally it's a very nice palate change beer--or any other way--nice being on it's own too.
纽西兰YEASTIE BOYS重度烟熏味金黄啤REX ATTITUDE,酒体口感很轻,这是“重味”好玩啤酒,关键在烟熏味。
Mikkeller 10 by Mikkeller
The name says it all--10 hops--one very delicious/fruity IPA--only complaint is---when can i have this again?
丹麦大师混合十种啤酒花特色酿,MIKKELLER 10 ,味道口感果香四溢,美味。
Alpha King by Three Flyods
No doubt ZOMBIE KING is widely-touted as the best of it's kind--make no mistake--i like it very much--but somehow i find Alpha King gets a little bit more on the palate--very nice to have had both on tap( *not in KL)
美国THREE FLOYDSZOMBIE DUST是更受公认的最佳淡啤,个人偏向另一支同风格的ALPHA KING,能喝上啤酒泵版本更是美好。(国外喝到)
Tart of Darkness by The Bruery
Very interesting indeed--a stout "reinvented" with sour wild yeast--i can take sour--and i like stout a lot--to have both in one beer is fun(*not in KL)
美国THE BRUERY搞怪作品,TART OF DARKNESS,把酸味酵母加入黑啤中玩变奏,是较少见的香醇带酸黑啤,有趣好喝。(国外喝到)

Bottles not mentioned in newspaper column:-
Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point
Yes--the American is known for playing with hops--and IPA--this is certainly a very tasty IPA--fruity, aromatic--highly appreciated.(*not in KL)
Hopus Primeur 2014 by Lefebvre
Thanks to Manu for this bottle of Hopus variants--unlike the regular version--this is a "hoppy" belgium strong ale--while maintaining distinct Belgian beer character of yeasty influence, a nice twist to the usual version.
Nipponia Ancient Pilsner by Hitachino
Certainly something different--fruity, crisp with a slightly unorthodox taste but in a nice way--good for a hot day sip...
Red Chair by Deschutes
For a pale ale slight over 6%--red chair has got most character i like in a "light beer"---it actually taste "rich" for a pale ale--slightly sweet but just the way i like it.

NEXT UP--Beer List by CT(Part 3/3)

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