Saturday, January 3, 2015

WEEK 40--YOKOHAMA craft-spotting


这次约了“东京喝啤酒人”部落客的NEIL一起,目标为主攻美国啤酒的ANTENNA AMERICA和个性化的THRASH ZONE,也因为晚上跟日本酿酒师朋友约了在东京一家吧见面,这次在横滨只去了两家。

This is sort of the concluding piece of the recent Tokyo bar-hop trip,

Yokohama is very close to Tokyo---even if it's not for chasing beer--it's a port city i enjoy literally doing nothing---just walking or lazy around the port/park area in a sunny autumn day is reason enough to take the half hour train ride...
The Yokohama beer tasting session were plan ahead with Neil of 'Tokyo Beer Drinker"blog---as we have another appointment back in Tokyo with a brewer friend at another bar---the trip in Yokohama is all about 2 places---Antenna America( which focus on US brew) and Thrash Zone( a metal music bar).
"Antenna America---it's one floor down from the importer's office who own and operate this place---"felt like drinking in an office" Neil commented in jest---but we know it does not matter so long the beer selection is fine---obviously this place does not disappoint"
"Antenna America---if US brew is what you crave for---this is certainly your kind of place---with lots of bottles selection and varieties--also 6 taps---since they open earlier than most beer bar--if you need to start early--this is a good place to kick start your bar-hopping day..."
"Thrash Zone---the initial impression before stepping into this bar is that" it's a metal music bar---it does not sell anything below 8% abv--though uniquely positioned--it could be just a gimmick?---all this assumption immediately vanished after the first sip of Hop Deicide--a beer brewed by Thrash Zone! --really tasty--nothing like the fixed impression of  some mellow/polite Japanese brew--it was kicking with hop fresh, full of aroma..."
"Thrash Zone---more recently--you could find lower abv beer---or session beer at this bar---which is really a nice thing to have--it's a bit like music--it does not have to be very loud or rocking all the time to be good---subtlety can be very powerful as well..." 
'having written 3 articles on Tokyo, and 1 on Yokohama--it is just very few places that i have visited --there's simply many more out there...." 

NEXT WEEK---memorable beer tasted in 2014---by CT

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