Friday, February 27, 2015

the story of MACRO & Micro( part (2/2)

Micro Brew
Craft beer started essentially because someone long ago felt bored with whatever the big boys were supplying to the market....the lack of choices( or some would say taste) started the idea of home brew--micro brew.
Many years later---we all know what happened--craft beer is developing---slowly but surely---as for what craft beer is all about--for technical definitions---one could check what the US brewers association says---with main focus on smaller volume, not control by non-craft beer big companies--and mos importantly---cannot use inferior material to lower cost of production( hence lowering the quality/taste profile of the beer).

If there's any obvious different between MACRO beer and Micro beer---on non-taste or non-beer quality related area---then it's clear that MACRO beer would throw lots of advertising money just to promote very few variation( sometimes just one type of beer) of their product----of which craft beer community DON'T look up to or practice..

While at times there's simply too many different types/brand of craft beer---the craft community just know for a fact that not all beer that is a micro brew or with a tag saying "Craft Beer" means it's a winner---nope---there's crappy craft beer too....

that's why beer geek DISSECT & FUSS OVER BEER.   

CBC 2015
It's an beer event organised by Mikkeller of Copenhagen.

It's an event where geeks would sometimes just have to dream of getting a ticket---it's sold out very very quickly.

It's an event where many of the best brewers gather and showcase some new brew---and obviously---NO non-craft big factory beer is allowed---EVER.

but this year--we might---i mean--just might for the first time ever--see a MACRO beer making it's way to CBC 2015---yes--of all the "feedback" given to BUD ad---this one from Mikkeller--an invitation to CBC 2015 is the most---amusing one.

To be or not to be...? that's an amusing thought....

小型自酿意思,更通用的是CRAFT BEER
从最根本原因说起,撞意啤酒就是因为有饮客不满意市场只有单调无趣大厂啤酒,开始自酿,然后星火燎原,发展成今天的CRAFT BEER文化。

根据美国酿酒师协会主要定义,1.年产量不超过6百万桶,2.不能有超过25%股权由非CRAFT BEER生产者控制,3.使用传统或创新材料及方式酿制(重点是不能使用比如大米或人工香精之类的廉价替代原料)

小型自酿,就一定是好啤酒保证?当然不是的。就像有人卖很难吃云吞面那样,CRAFT BEER也有不知所谓酿品。


CBC 2015
COPENHAGEN BEER CLEBRATION是丹麦名牌MIKKELLER主催,入场卷网上一开卖就被秒杀,完全供不应求的撞意啤酒年度盛事。
百威广告效应,MIKKELLER已发出正式邀请函,并上载社交媒体如面子书,要百威参与CBC2015,并会开放一天让百威可以在一家酒吧举行多达40 个不同类别啤酒泵占领活动(TAP TAKE OVER)!


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